8 thoughts on “Ebbe Square Shower Drain with Quick Pitch”

  1. This is my first use of your ebbe 3pc pvc with a square drain. Your illustrations doesn’t show how the cover is replaced. Your prices are to high; therefore unless you can explain to me how water is going to pass through a solid blank; then I plan to return this drain kit.

    Doug Young

  2. The Ebbe comes with the cover to replace the solid blank cover. The solid cover is to protect the drain while mudding and tiling.

    Once you lay your tile you simply pop out the solid blank and replace it with the finish cover that you can see in the picture of the Ebbe drain – the last picture in the series above.

  3. can i purchase just the square top with the finished drain cover? i already have the threaded pvc part installed in the floor. Thanks

  4. can this quick pitch kit be used for a square drain that is offset in the shower? (not centered, but off to one side)

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