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SereneDrains Linear Shower Drain Offset Outlet Tile Insert - 47

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SereneDrains Linear Shower Drain Offset Outlet Tile Insert - 47

Overall Size 48.82" x 4 3/8" - Net Size 47 1/4" x 2 3/4"

The offset outlet design allows for flexible placement of the drain, accommodating various plumbing configurations and enabling easier installation. The tile insert cover seamlessly integrates with your shower floor tiles, creating a cohesive and uninterrupted appearance.

Available Options; Brushed Stainless, with Center or Side drain outlet

COMPLETE SET - Channel Body, Tile Insert Grate, Drain Rubber Fitting, Drain puller key, Waterproofing membrane sheet around the drain flange (not require but included)

Optional: ABS or PVC or Cast Iron CPE Membrane Fitting, Clad Flexible Coupling, Stainless Steel Hair Trap

Square shape. It's easier to cut tile to a square drain than to cut, nip and grind it to fit a round one.

Superior Quality at an Affordable Price

Flange Body Edge designed for use with any and all types of waterproofing, included and not limited to "hot-mop" painted or liquid membranes, Sheet Membrane, Vinyl waterproofing etc.

Approximately Dimensions:

Length 16" (400mm), Intake 7.80 sq. in.
Length 24" (600mm), Intake 11.67 sq. in.
Length 30" (762mm), Intake 14.82 sq. in.
Length 35.43" (900mm), Intake 17.48 sq. in.
Length 39.37" (1000mm), Intake 19.39 sq. in.
Length 47.25" (1200mm), Intake 23.20 sq. in.
Length 59.05" (1500mm), Intake 27.01 sq. in.


  • Pre-Slope Channel
  • Side outlet drain apex 2.8" oc of drain end
  • 2" diameter central vertical outlet
  • Flow rate: at entrance of shower - 6.3GPM (0.4 l/s); against the wall - 9.5GPM (0.6 l/s).
  • Channel width: 2 3/4" (70 mm)
  • Bodies are fully welded and leak tested prior to dispatch..
  • Compatible with tiles up to 10mm depth (14mm lip)
  • Stainless Steel 16 gauge 304 Grate
  • Superior Quality
  • Most Durable Finishes Available
  • Easily Maintained. No Special Cleaning


What is The Purpose of a Linear Shower Drain?


Nowadays, it is not enough for a home's systems to simply function; homeowners and contractors alike want those systems to aesthetically enhance the property. This is especially true in the bathroom, where homeowners want to ensure their shower is simple to use, clean, and attractive. 

Homeowners can select the linear shower drain that fits their current decor, or if they are remodeling the shower, they can choose a style that looks well with their new shower floor. If they are building a new home, they can select a linear trench shower drain as part of the style they are trying to achieve in their new space.


Contractors can offer homeowners a vast range of linear shower drain choices. These will please their customers, who may not have realized that there are so many beautiful styles available or that these linear drains are so effective at draining water. 


Today’s modern linear trench shower drains offer so much to installers and homeowners alike in terms of ease of installation, beauty, and functionality. There are dozens of styles available, each offering unique options.


What are the Different Types of Linear Shower Drains?


There are dozens of types of linear shower drains and associated parts. They come in a variety of attractive patterns and styles, so you’ll love their addition to your bathroom decor.


Below, you can review a few of the popular linear shower drains you can consider for your bath.


QuARTz Linear Shower Drain Brushed Stainless - Flag 28


The QuARTz Linear Shower Drain Brushed Stainless - Flag 28's beautiful grating enhances any decor. Its 'brush-stoke' texture matches well with most silver-toned metals and accessories, notably brushed nickel.


There are several advantages to an ACO QuARTz linear shower channel drain over circular point drains. It can be placed in multiple areas of the shower. It stops water from getting into dry areas when acting as a threshold. This allows the shower to be open without the need for a door.


SereneDrains Linear Shower Drain Broken Lane - Matte Black 16


Your bathroom will look modern with the SereneDrains Linear Shower Drain Broken Lane - Matte Black 16. Your shower floor will look beautiful with this drain’s Broken Lane drain cover pattern. The intermittent gaps in the Broken Lane design keep debris out of the drain, making maintenance easy.


SereneDrains Linear Shower Drain Broken Lane Brushed 16


SereneDrains Linear Shower Drain Broken Lane Brushed 16 design drain in Brushed Stainless Steel finish adds style to your bathroom. This unique linear drain has a Broken Lane cover pattern instead of a solid one. Intermittent gaps and breaks make the drain visually dynamic while draining water efficiently.

This drain is sleek and modern, built from durable brushed 306 stainless steel.



How to Install Linear Shower Drains

Please review the following steps to install your linear shower drain easily. Once the long shower drain is installed, you’ll enjoy a beautiful aesthetic addition to your bathroom and outstanding drainage.

  • Determine the location: Decide where the drain should go and where the captured water will go.
  • Measure and mark: Measure the distance from the back wall of the shower to the drain support frame. Then, cut the slope panels to length, width, and final width.
  • Prepare the subfloor: Make sure the subfloor is flat, level, and clean. Fill any holes or imperfections with a floor leveler.
  • Waterproof the area: Apply waterproofing membrane to the walls and floor where the drain will be installed, overlapping seams. This prevents leaks.
  • Install the drain: Insert the base drain and create the slope according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, connect the linear shower drain line properly and level the installation.
  • Test the drain and slope: Pour water onto the drain area and ensure it flows properly into the rectangular shower drain without pooling. Check slope measurements.
  • Finish plumbing connections: Connect the trap arm and vent to the drain according to codes. Test all joints and connections for leaks.
  • Install mortar bed and tiles: Install top-pan mortar, ensuring proper slope, then install tiles per manufacturer specifications.
  • Seal the drain: Apply silicone sealant around the edges of the long drain cover to prevent moisture penetration.
  • Install grate: Place the decorative grate cover onto the drain. Ensure it is properly seated and secured.
  • Hidden shower drain clean up:Remove any remaining construction debris when installation is complete.


Cleaning Linear Drains for Showers

Remove the drain cover and extract any hair or debris from it. Use a stiff wire coat hanger or drain zipper tool to pull hair and grime out of the drain pipe. Pour baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water down the drain in stages to dissolve and rinse away debris and buildup. Brush drain walls with a narrow drain brush, and finish by replacing the drain cover.


Where to Purchase Serene Linear Shower Drains is the online presence of International Flooring Center. We have provided a broad selection of tiles, heated flooring, tools, setting materials, equipment, bathroom accessories, and more for contractors and homeowners since 1986. For your linear shower trough drain needs, we sell dozens of styles that offer both beauty and functionality for your shower.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is a linear drain better for a shower?

Yes, linear drains maximize drainage and minimize standing water in showers.

2. Where is the best place to put a linear shower drain?

  • At one end of the shower
  • Along the shower entrance
  • At the shower door wall
  • At the wall opposite the shower door wall

3. What size is a linear shower drain pipe?

Typical linear drain pipe sizes are 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter to handle shower drainage flow rates.

4. How do you keep a linear drain for showers clean?

Regularly flush with hot water, use a drain snake monthly, and use enzyme drain cleaners to break down buildup.

5. What type of drain is best for a shower?

Linear drains are best for showers because they maximize drainage across the entire shower floor.

6. How do you unclog a linear shower drain?

Use a drain snake, plunger, baking soda, vinegar, or an enzyme drain cleaner regularly to prevent and clear clogs.


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