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Royal Linear Drain Installation Instructions

February 9, 2016

General Installation Tips

  • Linear Drains using Stainless Steel Grates are most commonly placed against the end or side wall or shower threshold.  However they can be placed anywhere as long as there is a ¼” per foot slope to the drain.  The 1” flange allows the grate to finish flush to the wall tile.
  • Any waterproofing layer should be supported by a pitched slope of 1/4” per foot towards the drain whether waterproof membrane coat is under thick bed mortar or on top.
  • Reinforcing Fabric should always be used with Liquid Applied Membranes for gaps of more than 1/8”.  It is recommended to use reinforcing fabric where the drain flange and mortar bed meet as well as for any floor to wall transitions for added durability.
  • If installing a curbless shower, position drain parallel to entry (threshold, middle or back of shower) so plank pitch doesn’t compromise an even/level entry.
  • If placing drain flush to walls – back and/or sides of flange should be set against the studs or sill  plate (center of waste pipe needs to be 2 1/4” out) and backer board should be installed directly  on top of flange.
  • Consider thin-set, waterproofing and tile thickness to make any needed adjustments so the finished wall tile will sit approximately 1/16” from the inside of the drain cavity wall to allow for  proper grate placement.
  • Set floor tile 1/16” from the edge of the grate to allow for smooth installation and removal of grate.

Installation Instruction


Royal Drain by Serene Steam


STEP 1:  Pre-slope shower pan and install waterproofing per manufacturer’s instructions; any waterproofing material or procedure can be utilized (i.e. vinyl, CPE membrane, roll/paint on, metal pan, hot mop, surface sheet membrane, etc.). Perform leak test as required.

STEP 2:  Royal Linear Drains by Serene Steam standard channel width is 2 3/4” (70mm). Confirm rough opening is approximately 2” wider than drain length to accommodate backer board and wall tile thickness (e.g. a 38” rough opening will close to near 36” finish opening based on thicknesses of materials.)

STEP 3:  Use any 3″ wide wood and cut to length for use as a linear drain placeholder; this allows for about an 1/8” gap around the channel’s perimeter to apply a bead of flexible sealant.

STEP 4:  Build mortar bed and install tile to create a 1-2% grade towards drain.

STEP 5:  Install tile into tile insert tray. (Tile Insert Drains only)

STEP 6:  Remove wood, clean out void and install Royal Linear Drain channel as you would any tile building up and supporting as necessary with mortar. Ensure drain channel is level and just slightly below (1/16” or less) adjacent tile.

Royal Drain by Serene Steam

Royal Drain by Serene Steam


Applying waterproofing around the drain

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