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Raimondi Step 1 Milling Wheel 30mm Half bullnose - BDW114S1



Raimondi Diamond Continuos Wheel for Bulldog Machine Half bullnose - Step 1

1/2 Bullnose Continuos rim Diamond Wheels for Finishing for Bulldog and BI-BULLDOG

All wheels are tested and balanced to give the best profiling results with our Raimondi Bulldog machines.

BDW114S1 Step 1 Milling Wheel - Continues Rim

  • Continuos wheel segmented radius - 1 1/4" (30mm)
  • Diameter - 6 1/4" (160 mm)
  • Arbor size - 25/32" (20 mm)
  • Grit - 80


Step 1: uses the Segmented milling wheel to rough out the shape.
Step 2: Rough finish wheel of approximately
Step 3: Use yellow wheel for honed finish.
Step 4: Use red wheel for satin finish.
Step 5: Use grey wheel for glossy finish.

Fits on both Bulldog machines (BD1WD and BD2WD) and back-finishers (BDSABF and BDCBF)

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