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Raimondi SMS Large Bridge Tile Wet Saw SMS 220-260

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Raimondi SMS Large Bridge Tile Wet Saw

WSMS220 Wet Saw 86-2/3" Rip Cut
WSMS260 Wet Saw 102-1/3" Rip Cut

For cutting granite, marble, porcelain, single and double fired, bricks, cement etc...

Includes for Both models

  • Raimondi SMS220/260 Tile Wet Saw Machine 110 V 60 Hz
  • 14" Diamond disc for porcelain tiles
  • Wheels kit for easy transport
  • Equipped with the motor feed system with wheel kit.
  • Telescopic legs provided with double safety device and wheels kit
  • Key and Wrench kit
  • Easy-to-remove polypropylene tank for easy cleaning. Capacity: 10 Gal
  • Dressing Stone
Specifications SMS 220 SMS 260
Max Length of Cut 86 2/3" 102 1/3"
Diagonal Cut 61" x 61" 71" x 71"
Overall Size 106" x 33 1/2" x h 33 1/2" 122" x 29 1/2" x h 53"
Max depth of cut 3 1/2" in single pass; 4" in double pass 3 1/2" in single pass; 5" in double pass
Weight 264.6 lb 438.7 lb

SMS260 Only

Equipped with side bench with adjustable square which allow to maintain a perfect parallelism between the tile and the cutting line, fundamental when performing the jolly/ 45° cut and useful, as well, for 90° standard cuts.

Feature for all Models;

  • Diamond blade max Ø 14"; min Ø 12".
  • Plunge cut and adjustable cutting depth.
  • Water jet near to the cutting point for an optimal cooling.
  • Heavy duty water pump and jet nozzles provide superior blade cooling.
  • Pivoting blade guard remains parallel with tile to ensure maximum cutting depth.
  • Cast and extruded aluminum framework.
  • Re-adjustable square for long lasting precision.
  • Sliding motor assembly with galvanized steel housing provided with 4 pulleys (double internal bearings each).
  • Pulleys are easy to re-adjust (tighten): avoid play and confer long lasting precision of cut.
  • Tilting movement (0-47°) for 45° angle cut (jolly).
  • Wide range of accessories available.

WHEEL - Wheel system already included on the machine for better maneuvering of the motor head across the entire length of the machine

BASIN - Plastic water basin under work area for collecting water and/or debris. The basin can be removed from the smaller side of the machine, just by pulling it out like a tray. Capacity of 10 gallon.

TELESCOPIC LEGS - SMS 220/260 legs, made of aluminum, are telescopic making it easier to move around the job site. The wheels make that task much easier.

LOCKING - When the legs are set in their upright position, the metal lip (seen in the picture) provides extra security in holding the legs in place.

BLADE - Cutting head with blade equipped with brushes on each side to keep the area clean of debris.

BENCH - Side extension bench with square for WSMS220, for maximum precision cuts, ideal for 45° angle cut/mitering. (Include with SMS260 only)

TRANSPORT - Just like our GLADIATOR machines, the ZIPPERS are equipped with telescopic legs with a couple of wheels for easy maneuvering and transportation around the job site.

45° TILT - Tilting movement for 45° angle cut on jolly (0°-47°)

MATERIALS - Cast and extruded aluminum framework

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