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Raimondi Diamond Blade Resin Dressing Stone - DSRDBC



Raimondi Diamond Blade Resin Dressing Stone - DSRDBC

The newest innovation in Diamond Blade Dressing Stones!


  • Red brick dressing stone.
  • Cleans glaze and resharpens blades.
  • Fits on all diamond blades.
  • Size 9" x 2" x 1"
  • Use for all type of diamond blades, hole saws, core bits, grinding wheels, and more.

This dressing stone will unleash the best cutting ability of all your diamond products, such as blades, hole saws, etc. The special formatted grit is designed to sharpen and reactivate diamond blades, as they may have been glazed over by cutting super hard porcelain or many other types of materials.

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