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Raimondi Bulldog Advanced Bullnose Machine - BD1WD



Raimondi Bulldog Advanced Bullnose Machine - BD1WD

For profiling-beveling and finishing edges on : Porcelain, ceramic, glass-tile, stone, marble, granite, etc.

Creates: half bullnose, full bullnose, 45º bevel, finished flat edge. Make your own custom edges.

Single motor or Dual motor machines, connectable in line provide 3 levels of finishing: Milling, rough finished and polishing.


  • Raimondi Bulldog Advanced Bullnose Machine (BD1WD)110 V 60 Hz
  • 1 Sliding Table 31"
  • Key and Wrench kit
  • Dressing Stone
  • User and maintenance manual.
Maximum Profiling Length 31-1/2"
Extend Length of Shaping 47 1/4"
Maximum Depth of Shaping/Radius half Bullnose 1 3/16"
Minimum Tile Width 1 1/2"
Maximum Tile Width 23 5/8"
Maximum Depth of Shaping full Bullnose 7/8"
Wheel Radius 7/16" (11mm)
Power Belt Driven 1,5 HP / 1,1 kW - 20 amps
RPM Motor- 3360 - Wheel - 5370
Size 35 1/2" x 31 1/2" x h 27 1/2"
Weight 165.3 lbs


  • For bullnosing and bevelling. Create 1/2 Bullnose, full bullnose, 45° bevel (Jolly) on: marble, granite, porcelain, single and double fired.
  • Extend length of shaping up to 47 1/4" thanks to the side extensions and table for large materials (accessories).
  • Optional: external tank + pump kit.
  • Optional: device for automatic feed.
  • Optional: wheel kit feed.
  • Three levels of finishing: rough, finished, polished.
  • Gear ratio of motor to wheel 1 ÷ 1.6. Drive belt type poly V.
  • Heavy duty water pumps provides superior wheel cooling.

NEW TABLE - only one table for all size tiles from 2" x 31" to 24" x 31" for single head without extensions. from 2" x 47" to 24" x 47" for dual head or single head with extensions.

CONTROL - Magnetic splash guard (transparent), seen here on the right of the photo, keeps any splashing or debris away from the operator. Adjustable pressure wheel keeps the tile down and moving in the correct direction.

CLAMPS - Separate square can be purchased, the square comes with clamps which help keep the square in place

EXTENSION - These same clamps can be used with the extension and square. Extension can be made up to 24"

PUMP - A different kind of metal piece (not a square) can be purchased to keep smaller strips of tile in line while "Bullnosing"

WHEELS - The Bullnose machines come with wheels on retractable legs.

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