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Raimondi 90 Degree Gluing Kit for Work Bench



Raimondi 90 Degree Gluing Kit for Work Bench

Gluing kit for work bench. New accessories for the Modular Work Bench. Used for step and counter top projects which are made by cutting tile/slabs at a 45° angle.

Include; 90 Degree Gluing Kit only (for extensions and accessories check other listing in this category)

Assembles the exact steps and counter top needed and reduces the work time.

Kit made up of two (2) squares equipped with tile holders. Two (2) stand alone tile holders for the work bench.

Work Bench future;

  • Easy to disassemble and once not mounted it has small dimensions. This make it easy to transport.
  • Easy to mount (about 10 minute).
  • The steel structure and the worktop made of anodized aluminum profiles guarantee sturdiness and stability.
  • Legs provided with adjustable rubber feet.
  • Provided with adjustable anodized aluminum profiles so to avoid to interfere with diamond disc if cutting slabs with angle grinder.
  • Worktop dimensions: 3'x6' Height: 32 3/4".
  • Maximum load of 331lbs
  • Provided with special connection devices to join more "Work Bench" so to expand worktop dimensions.
  • Combining two "Work Bench" the resulting worktop dimensions are 11.8' x 6' perfect for 10' slabs.

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