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Premium Hand-Woven Outdoor Teak Wood Rug 34x20



Hand-Woven Outdoor Teak Wood Rug

Approximately Dimensions: 34" L x 20" W x 3/8" H

Made of Acacia Hardwood

Solid Teak.

We offer a wide range of standard sizes and styles plus we can create just about any size, shape or design that you can imagine. Whether you want to add a non-slip surface by your tub or totally surround your shower with a rich, custom mat, (Custom are not available for the rug) we can do it. Best of all, these mats can be used inside the shower as well as outside!


  • Indoor/outdoor covering for patios, decks, balconies, porches, walkways, surrounding pools and hot tubs
  • Pre-treated, expertly kiln-dried, extremely durable teak hardwood
  • Teak wood is mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot and decay resistant
  • Teak wood is environmentally friendly and harvested from protected forests
  • Material: woven Teak


The Teak Tree, or Tectona, is one of the tropical hardwood birches, included in the family Verbenaceae. This tree is originally from the plantations of South East Asia, and can grow to a height of 30 - 40 m. As part of its life cycle, this tree sheds its leaves every year at dry season. Its longevity is very great, the Teak tree often living to an age of 100 years. Teak is especially noted for its capacity to withstand changes in the weather and season. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the Teak to bend, but not break, in the face of high winds.

Minimal Maintenance Required

While Teak is naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew; you may still see a buildup of soap residue and mineral or other impurities from your water. Therefore we strongly recommends performing routine cleanings when you clean your shower or bathroom.

Since the Middle Ages, teak wood has been prized as material in the shipbuilding industry because the wood has the unique qualities of not rotting or accumulating rust, even when joined with metal. Due to its high oil content, teak wood is water repellent, which also makes it resistant to insect infestation. In addition to its reputation for durability, teak furniture is known for its rich warm color and satiny smooth surface. Teak is a hardwood that has the benefit of being easy to work with, in addition to its structural strength and durability. Because of those qualities, woodworkers have been making teak furniture for centuries.

This Teak Wood Mat will help eliminate slips and messes in your outdoor or indoor space. The Teak Wood Mat is perfect in high moisture conditions, allowing you to use it in a variety of settings: safe to use in or out of the shower, by the pool as anti-slip protection, as an entrance door mat, garden mat, staircase mat or a decoration next to any of your furniture in your home or outdoor space. Teak has been used for centuries to make outdoor furniture, boats, outdoor siding, and decking, proving that this is the ideal wood for high moisture areas. The high oil content teak woods also makes it perfect for the bath, as it is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew.

FSC Certified/Sustainable The teak we use is FSC Certified.

How to Repair Teak Wood Mat


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