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PreFormed Solid Curb ready to tile cut to order



Ready to Tile Solid Curb Cut to Order

Cut per Order (Price per linear ft)

Interior Dimension: Top 3 1/2" Wall A - 4 1/4" Wall B -3 3/4"

Exterior Dimension: Top 4 5/8" Wall A - 4 3/4" Wall B - 4 3/8"

PreFormed Ready to Tile Curbs unique design is ideal for traditional 2" x 4" installation. They are durable,watertight, and versatile -- PreFormed Curbs can also be used for knee walls and countertop edges.

PreFormed™ Curb components are simple, fast and easy to install. Whether your job calls for PVC pan liners or hot-tarred and leaded-in waterproof membranes, PreFormed™ Curb components are a perfect fit.

PreFormed™ Curbs are watertight, and durable, providing you with a worry free experience.

The material used to construct the PreFormed Curb is 100% waterproof.


- Waterproof: making them resistant to rot

- Light weight: easy to handle and install

- Quick and easy installation

- Can be installed and tiled in the same day

- No special training necessary

- Sloped per industry standards

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