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Preformed Shower Slope: 24 x 23



PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower Slope

Dimensions: 24" x 23"

Professional Slope finish in minutes, not hours. Waterproof PreFormed Underlayment Components are easy to handle and install

The PreFormed Ready made Slope 102 is just what you've been waiting for: Light, easy to install, and very economical when compared to any similar product on the market.

PreFormed 102 Slopes conform to the industry specified 1/4" sloped fill, as noted in the Tile Council of America Handbook.

The high density Styrofoam panels are a perfect slope solution for cut-to-fit site application.

PreFormed Slopes are designed to comply with industry specified 1/4” sloped fill. It’s never been easier to ensure proper slope and drainage. And these slopes eliminate a day of prep and screeding required for a minimally sloped mortar bed that goes under a traditional pan-liner.

They will not rot or degrade, and insure that proper mortar bed drainage occurs. The result is the reduction of the growth of molds and fungi, a common problem in tiled shower pans. Proper Drainage - the difference is CLEAR.


- Waterproof: resistant to rot

- Light weight: easy to handle and install

- Quick and easy to install

- Can be installed and tiled in the same day

- No special training necessary

- Sloped per industry standards

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