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PreFormed Ready to Tile Shower floor Slope

January 25, 2010

PreFormed Shower floor Slope

For faster installations Place it, Seal it, Tile it.

PreFormed Shower pan, Ready Made shower Pan PreFormed™ Tile Ready COMPONENTS

The PreFormed Ready made Slope 102 are just what we waited for.  They are  light, easy to install and very economical,  even compare to  similar products on the market

Complies with industry specified slope guidelines


Excellent for cut-to-fit site applications

Never rots or degrades

Time saving… Waterproof… Worry Free. The difference is CLEAR.

PreFormed™ 102 Slopes conform to the industry specified _” sloped fill, as noted in the Tile Council of America Handbook.

The high density Styrofoam® panels are a perfect slope solution for cut-to-fit site application.

They allow you to install the pan liner, mortar bed and tile in one day.

They will not rot or degrade, and insure that proper mortar bed drainage occurs.

The result is the reduction of the growth of molds and

fungi, a common problem in tiled shower pans. Proper Drainage – the difference is CLEAR.

Note: It is the user’s responsibility to ensure waterproofing prior to tiling.


1. Measure and locate center of shower pan drain.

2. Measure from the center of the drain to the shower corners.

3. Cut pre-slope panels to length. Cut Slopes from the _”edge toward the _” edge.

4. Cut around drain flange and position all pieces.

5. Secure PreFormed™ slopes to sub floor with Latex Polymer Liquid Waterproof Membrane.

6. Apply WATERPROOF MEMBRANE on top of the PREFORMED™ 102 Slope and up the wall 3” above the curb. Apply fiberglass reinforced mesh while still wet and a second coat of Latex Polymer Liquid Waterproof Membrane on top of the mesh.

7. Plug the inside of the drainpipe and fill the shower pan with water for 24 hours.

Repair leaks before proceeding.

8. Float a 1” mortar bed on top of the cured Latex Polymer Liquid Waterproof Membrane, using a standard floor mud. Let cure 24 hours. PREFORMED™102

(Standard Dimensions)

24” x 23 ” _” to _” tapered

24” x 48” _” to _” tapered

PreFormed Shower pan, Ready Made shower Pan PreFormed™ Tile Ready COMPONENTS

**PreFormed Component’s Warranty will be voided if pan is modified on the job site. Waterproofing should not be compromised. PreFormed Tile-Ready Components must be installed per Manufacturer’s Instructions.

PreFormed Tile Ready – Product Line Warranty

Fin Pan, Inc. warrants for a period of thirty five (35) years that PreFormed Tile Ready products meet or exceed applicable manufacturing standards in force at the time of manufacture.  Fin Pan will, at its option, repair or replace any product which proves defective due to manufacturing.  THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION SET FORTH IN THIS WARRANTY AGREEMENT.  THE REMEDIES STATED HEREIN ARE EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES AND FIN PAN SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OR FURTHER LOSS OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGE TO THE BUILDING IN WHICH THE COMPONENTS ARE SITUATED, DAMAGE TO THE CONTENTS THEREOF, OR TO ANY OTHER PROPERTY OR PERSONS.  This warranty shall apply only if the product is used strictly according to applicable specifications, and/or instructions provided by Fin Pan for its use.  Fin Pan shall not be liable otherwise.
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