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MTP 555 Plastic Trowel attachment



MTP 555 Plastic Trowel attachment

This sale are for the Plastic attachemnt only Trowel not includes

MTP555 size 11-1/2"

For use with a standard metal trowel 11" - The MTP555 is 11-1/2"

The MTP 555 is a new "add-on" product designed to convert a metal trowel into a plastic trowel.
This tool is used mainly with the installation of electric floor heating systems. Or to smooth and embed “un-coupling” type mats.

The MTP555 simply slides firmly onto the sharp, flat side of the metal trowel. This way the installer has the convenience of having both, the notched side of the trowel to apply the setting bed of thin set and then uses the reverse side ( plastic ) to smooth and embed the floor heat mat.

When using a wire/mesh system the MTP555 allows the installer to back trowel thin set over it to encapsulate the floor heat with no possible damage to the wires as with a sharp metal trowel.


The MTP555 simply slides onto the flat side of a standard metal trowel. It will remain secure when either smoothing out floor heat mats or back troweling thinset over mesh systems or smoothing un-coupling membranes.

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MTP 555 Plastic Trowel can be used to install these floor heating systems:

Easyheat - Warm Tiles Elite Series Mats
Easyheat - Warm Tiles Floor Warming Mats.
SunTouch® Radiant floor warming mats
Thermosoft - ThermoTile®
Laticrete - Floor HEAT Mat
Nuheat - Standard Mats or Cable System
WarmlyYours - TempZone™ and The ValueMat™
Warmup - Electric Floor Heating Systems.

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