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Modern Stone Grout Colorant Sealer Custom

From: $32.90


Modern Stone Color Seal - Custom

Film Formatting Long Lasting, Pigmented Grout Colorant Sealer

Available: 8oz, 16oz, Gallon

Professional Results . . . GUARANTEED!

Premium solution for transforming old grout back to new

Grout Colorant Sealer

Modern Stone’s Color Sealer is the premium solution for transforming old grout back to new and extreme protection against staining. Its advanced water based formula quickly bonds to grout lines to create an even and uniform color and appearance. The Color Sealer is an excellent choice if a change in grout color is desired.


  • Re -fresh the appearance of your tile
  • Available in 48 original colors
  • Available in most grout manufacturers colors Custom, C-Cure, Laticrete, Hydroment and TEC
  • Transforming old grout back to new
  • Water based formula, easy to use
  • Expected Wear Up to 15 years
  • VOC: 24 g/l
  • For Interior or Exterior use


1. For grout older than 6 months use Modern Stone’s Revive to prep grout prior to color sealing.

2. Shake well before using.

3. Apply narrow bead of grout stain sealer on the grout joint. Using a toothbrush, or similar applicator, spread product evenly along grout joint with a scrubbing motion.

4. While Color Sealer is still wet, wipe off excess from surrounding tile with a damp (not wet) towel or sponge. Apply in small workable sections.

5. When product has "set" (30 minutes to an hour), lightly clean the tile with a damp (not wet) towel or string mop to remove haze.

6. Changing grout colors light to dark or dark to light may require an extra application. Two thin coats are better than one heavy coat.

7. Dry buff surface to remove any left-over haze.

8. Drying time depends on temperature, humidity. Generally a second coat may be applied after about 30 minutes. The surface may be open to light foot traffic in 3 to 4 hours. Keep grout dry for 7 days

8. Rinse surface thoroughly with water.

Maintenance: Use Modern Stone’s Balance or other suitable neutral PH tile and grout cleaner.

Covers Approximately 400 sq. ft. per 8 oz. on 12"x12" inch tile

Handling and Storage

Product may irritate eyes and respiratory system if sprayed. Use in well-ventilated area


Close container after each use. Store in original container only. Keep in a dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid freezing or long-term high temperature storage. DO NOT THIN OR DILUTE

WARNING: Because this product is pigmented it is not recommended for use for grout in natural stone installations

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