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Modern Stone Technologies

March 14, 2013

Modern Stones Clear Guard Solvent Base

Modern Stone’s Clear Guard is a premium low odor, solvent based, natural look sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection and excellent oil and water repellent to a variety of substrates with little or no change in appearance. It allows for moisture vapor transmission and may also be used as a pre-grouting sealer. Greatly reduces cleaning maintenance.

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Modern Stones Shine & Seal Enhancer Sealer

Modern Stone’s Shine & Seal is water based topical sealer designed to provide gloss, clarity and color enhancement. Its unique blend of acrylic polymers offers advanced U.V. resistance and protection from the harshest types of stains.

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Modern Stone’s Color Sealer is the premium solution for transforming old grout back to new and extreme protection against staining. Its advanced water based formula quickly bonds to grout lines to create an even and uniform color and appearance. The Color Sealer is an excellent choice if a change in grout color is desired.

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Modern Stone’s Easy Etch removes grout and mortar smears, mineral deposits and rust stains. This industrial strength concentrated acid based cleaner is specially formulated to etch grout to bond with Modern Stone’s Color Sealer. Use on acid-resistant tile, stone or masonry surfaces.

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Modern Stone’s Scorch is a high performing, multi-use sealer and coating remover. Scorch’s unique formula utilizes a blend of proprietary additives which provide fast and effective results. This aggressive stripper will remove most acrylic, urethane, and synthetic finishes as well as adhesives, paints and grout haze. Scorch will produce very little foam and does not require to be neutralized after application.

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Modern Stone’s Barrier EXT is a highly durable, chemically resistant, ­lm forming sealer designed for use on exterior and interior stone and masonry surfaces.

Barrier EXT’s UV resistant formula will not yellow or cloud over time and will strongly resist the harsh effect of outdoor weathering. Its water-based, high gloss ­finish requires minimal coats in order to impart extreme strength and beauty to a substrate’s surface. Barrier EXT is also an excellent choice for indoor commercial applications that endure signi­ficant wear

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