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InvisaTread Anti Slip Traction Wash Quart



InvisaTread® Anti-Slip Traction Wash - Quart

Traction Wash InvisaTread® Perfect Combination

Environmentally Friendly

Recommended 1 Quart of Traction Wash for every gallon of Anti slip Indoor or Outdoor or 1 gallon for 3 Gallon of Anti Slip

100% biodegradable - No Bio Buildup - No Phosphates - No Phenols - No Solvents - No Scents - Low Foaming - No residue - Fast acting - No VOCs

Greater increased slip resistance starts and continues with proper cleaning and floor maintenance. We proudly add Traction Wash™ to the InvisaTread® family of products.

For a complete Traction Management SystemTM use TractionWash™ as a pre-wash prior to applying InvisaTread® or InvisaTread Outdoors®. Traction Wash™ is formulated to rinse clean and leave no residue. For routine floor maintenance and optimum increase in COF and slip protection, use Traction Wash™ prior to application and after treatment.

Will not harm plastics, metals, rubbers, vinyl, painted and unpainted surfaces, wood, glass, concrete, asphalt and other surfaces.Removes micro-dust, pollution, heavy grime, soot, adhesives, grease and other contaminants with no soapy residue or streak

Traction Wash™ does not contain any dyes, scents, VOCs, ODS, phosphates, phenols or solvents.

Dilution Ratios:

  • 1 : 32 for routine floor care
  • 1 : 10 for heavy grime
  • 1 : 1 for floor stripping

Caution: Eye and Skin Irritant

• Bathtubs & Showers • Pool Areas • Entryways • Walkways • Porcelain • Honed Stone • Ceramic Tile • Concrete • Granite • Acrylic • Terrazzo • Slate • Limestone • Glazed Brick • Glass And much more.

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