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Heavy Duty Drive Plates

From: $730.00


Heavy Duty Drive Plates

Heavy duty, precision cut steel 30 to 90 lb weighted drive plate and pad driver.

Use of drive plate helps provide the following:

  • Flatter cutting
  • Uniform finish
  • Better polishing
  • Lower Amperage draw
  • Prevent breaker outages
  • Prevents wear on machine

Recently upgraded and manufactured using extreme heavy duty metal clutch plate, tall riser, and aircraft grade bolts.

Precision CNC water jet cut special steel plate for increased flatness and balance of your rotatory machine.

Attaches to a 175 RPM and 1.5 horse power rotary floor machine using a universal clutch plate.

Powder coated for durability and long lasting finish

Industrial grade Velcro for extra strength to hold pads in place (Use of a small spatula or putty knife to separate the diamonds and pads from the Velcro is the recommended way to remove them)


Drive Plate 17"

30lbs, 1/2 inch thick - Used for light duty cutting and polishing on softer stones
60lbs, 1 inch thick - Used for heavier cutting and polishing on harder stones
90lbs, 1 ½ inches thick - Used for lippage removal, granite cutting, and faster cutting on other stone surfaces (non stock item)

Drive Plate 20"

45lbs, 1 inch thick


1 ½" thick industrial foam spacer to go between drive plate and abrasive diamonds, cheetah pads and cheetah pucks.

The risers allow your rotatory machine to run smoother, handle better, and to provide shock absorption to prevent chipping, cracking, and breaking of stone tiles.

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Made in the U.S.A

Eco friendly Instruction for polishing Granite and Marble - Video

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