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Glaze n Seal Phosphoric Acid Cleaner

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Glaze n Seal Phosphoric Acid Cleaner 

Removes grout haze, cement smears, hard water stains, lime and rust deposits on ceramic tile, brick, concrete, masonry, and unpolished natural stone. Excellent cleaner for shower and bathroom fixtures not harmed by acid solution.

Glaze 'N Seal Phosphoric Acid Cleaner is a powerful concentrated cleaner designed to remove grout smears, cement haze, hard water stains, lime deposits, rust deposits, and efflorescence. Cleaning agents have been added to allow cleaner to penetrate below surface and lift dirt, soil and grease.

Uses: Glazed ceramic tile, brick, masonry, unpolished natural stone & concrete surfaces not harmed by acidic solutions. It may also be used for mild etching of concrete.
This product is NOT recommended for acid sensitive surfaces including marble, terrazzo, colored cement, metallic glazed tile or aluminum.


  • Concentrated for efficient heavy duty cleaning
  • Safer to use than muratic acid.
  • Removes stains from concrete
  • Works in hard or soft water
  • Chemically dissolves cement based residue and haze


1. Read entire label before using.
2. Rubber gloves and eyes protection should be worn. If cleaner comes in contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water.
3. TEST A SMALL AREA with a 24 hour waiting period to determine the ease of use and desired results.
4. Pre-wet surface with water before applying cleaner.
5. Depending on nature of cleaning task, this cleaner may be diluted by mixing with up to 10 parts of water. Always add acid cleaner to water.
6. Apply solution, allow it to sit 2-5 minutes, agitate with stiff nylon or natural bristle brush or white scrub pad to loosen haze, dirt or soil. Do not allow solution to dry on surface.
7. Use clean mop or wet vac to remove the dirty solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to insure removal of cleaning agents and acid.
8. Before applying any type of sealer or coating to the surface always neutralize the surface with a product such as Glaze ’N Seal Neutralizing Rinse and allow the surface to dry thoroughly before applying sealer.


Do not mix with any other cleaner as harmful fumes may result.
Acids may etch, lighten or change the color of cementitious materials and some natural stones such as marble and limestone. ALWAYS TEST FIRST.

Use caution near carpets, colored grout and colored cement tile.


CAUTIONS: Phosphoric acid. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. If contact is made, wash immediately with soap and water. If ingested, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Drink Milk of Magnesia or milk. Call a physician. If contact with eyes occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes. Call a physician.



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