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Glaze N Seal Neutral Cleaner

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Glaze N Seal Neutral Cleaner

Safe, everyday cleaner for concrete, masonry, tile, natural stone. Lifts out dirt and grease on contact. Concentrated "no rinse" formula. Will not dull sealer or polish.

Glaze ’N Seal Neutral Cleaner is a concentrated neutral cleaner designed for regular use as a maintenance cleaner. Neutral Cleaner is formulated with a special blend of powerful but mild detergents, and wetting agents that combine to loosen, lift and dissolve dirt and grease on contact. It dries clear and bright without leaving streaks or hazy residues. It may not require rinsing under normal conditions as part of a regular maintenance program. Will not dull existing wax or polish.

Uses: On all types of hard surfaces including ceramic tile, vinyl, no wax floors, saltillo tile, brick, masonry, marble and other natural stone surfaces. Use also on walls, sinks & countertops.


  • Safe, biodegradable cleaner
  • No rinse formula
  • Will not harm existing sealers, floor finishes or waxes
  • Pleasant, fresh scent Regular use prevents buildup of soap scum, mineral deposits and algae
  • 5,000 to 10,000 square feet per gallon.


1. Read entire label before using.

2. Sweep or vacuum surface clean.

3. Dilute 3-4 ounces of Glaze ’N Seal Neutral Cleaner with a gallon of clean water. (warm is preferred.)

4. Use a clean mop to spread the solution liberally on the floor. Damp mop away any puddles and allow the area to dry.

5. For heavy soiling, increase the amount of cleaner and use stiffer brush or scrubbing pad. Repeat if necessary.

6. For low foaming scrubbing machine use for floor cleaning add Glaze ’N Seal Neutral Cleaner to the tank at the lowest recommended dilution. Increase ratio if needed.

7. Ready for surface traffic in 30 minutes. .

8. Allow floor to thoroughly dry before applying any type of sealer or floor finish.


• If floor has been neglected or especially tough soils (such as asphalt tracking or oil) are evident, a more chemically aggressive cleaning agent may be needed.

• On floors that have repellent sealers or acrylic finishes this cleaner gives superior cleaning performance. On these floors rinsing is recommended after washing for best results. .

• On sealed Saltillo tile floors frequent damp mopping with a minimum amount of water is recommended .



Safe to use in normal solution on any surface not harmed by water.

• Not for use on humans or animals as degreasing agents in Neutral Cleaner will remove protective oils from skin.

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