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Glaze N Seal Efflorescence Remover Gallon



Glaze ’N Seal Efflorescence Remover Gallon

Cleans White chalky powder from Concrete, Brick and Masonry

Glaze ’N Seal Efflorescence Remover is a powerful cleaner designed to remove efflorescence (white chalky powder). It is also effective for the removal of grout smears, cement haze, hard water stains, lime deposits and rust deposits.

Environmentally Friendly

Professional Result Guaranteed!

  • Safer Than Muriatic Acid
  • Formula Clings to Vertical Surfaces
  • Concentrated Cleaner
  • Removes Grout Haze and Cement Residue
  • Removes Hard Water Deposits


Concrete, brick, masonry, Saltillo tile and surfaces not harmed by acid solutions. This product is not recommended for acid sensitive surfaces including marble, terrazzo, metallic glazed tile or metal.

A few words about efflorescence.

Efflorescence occurs when water soluble salts are carried to the surface by water which evaporates and leaves this powdery salt on the surface. The salts occur most often on concrete, brick, mortar and Mexican Saltillo tile. The salts may be released from within the material or even the soil. They do require water to be activated and water evaporation to be deposited on the surface. When they occur, it is desirable to allow the surface to dry thoroughly to halt the formation of the salts. After cleaning, the salts may reappear if the water conditions reoccur. Sealing the clean, dry surface will control and reduce the reappearance but may not completely stop the process.


Coverage should average 1,000 to 2,000 feet per gallon (diluted).


1. Read entire label before using.

2. Rubber gloves and eye protection should be worn. If cleaner comes in contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water.

3. TEST A SMALL AREA to determine the ease of use and desired results.

4. Pre-wet surface with water before applying cleaner.

5. Depending on nature of cleaning task, this cleaner may be diluted by mixing with up to 5 parts of water. Always add acid cleaner to water.

6. Apply solution. Allow it to sit 2-5 minutes. Agitate with stiff nylon or natural bristle brush or white scrub pad to loosen haze, dirt or soil. Do not allow solution to dry on surface.

7. Use a clean mop or wet vacuum to remove the dirty solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to insure removal of cleaning agents and acid. Repeat if necessary.

8. Before applying any type of sealer or coating to the surface, always neutralize the surface with a product such as Glaze ’N Seal Neutralizing Rinse and allow the surface to dry thoroughly before applying sealer.

Removing Efflorescence and Mineral Deposit from Masonry


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