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Glaze n Seal Acrylic Grout Sealer - Quart

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Glaze n Seal Acrylic Grout Sealer - Quart

Stain Resistant - Water Repellent Acrylic Grout Sealer

A long lasting clear water based acrylic grout sealer designed to repel water and stains on cement base grouts and mortars. Protects against all organic stains including cooking oil, grease and beverages. It is LEED eligible.

Medium gloss / film forming

  • Water base
  • Use on colored or plain cement based mortars.
  • Use Indoors or outdoors.
  • Use on any grout where there is a concern about stains or water penetration.
  • Use on any grout surface where sanitation and dirt rejection is important.
  • Use anywhere that other grout sealers have failed (after complete removal of failed sealer).
  • Safe in food preperation areas
  • Can seal day after grouting


Grout must be completely free of grease, oils, food stains, mildew and efflorescense. Also, remove all cleaning residue. Do not apply this sealer over acid cleaned surfaces without neutralizing first, or over silicone sealers. Ask your dealer about recommended cleaning products.


• Grout wipes clean as easily as the tile.
• Best stain resistance of any water based grout sealer.
• Safe to use in cooking, eating, and food preparation areas.
• Shower and bathroom cleaning become a breeze.
• Makes every tile surface a sanitary surface.
• Stands up to ammoniated household cleaners.

STORAGE: Do not allow to freeze.




Prior to application, apply sealer to a small test area to verify sealer penetration and satisfaction of appearance. May affect color of grout slightly. Do not apply over silicone sealed grouts. On freshly grouted areas, wait 24 hours before applying sealer. Allow fresh grout to cure before applying any additional coats of sealer. Apply one light coat directly to grout joint with a small brush or sponge brush. Avoid overlapping on tile and puddling on grout. Use a clean, damp sponge every few minutes to wipe excess sealer from tile face. Do not allow to dry on tile. Two or more coats may be necessary in food preparation areas or on very porous grout. Dry 1-4 hours between coats. Wait 24 hours before using sealed area.


DENSITY - 8.56 pounds per gallon
APPEARANCE Milky White - Dries Clear
DRY TIME - 1 to 4 hours
CURE TIME - 3 to 5 days

DO NOT MIX or combine with any other chemical or detergent as harmful fumes may result.

Professional Results . . . GUARANTEED!

Seal Enhanced Look SDS

Sealers are grout protectors providing the necessary protection for your shower floor against stains, moisture, discoloration, water damage, and harmful mold growth.

What is a Grout Sealer?

As the name suggests, the bathroom grout sealer securely seals the grout to prevent moisture and contaminants from getting under the tiles. Grout sealant is crucial for areas with high water exposure, like a shower floor.

What are the Different Types of Grout Sealers?

Penetrating Grout Sealer
Penetrating grout sealants have a formula that includes tiny particles of silicone or latex and a mineral spirit or water base that soaks into the surface of the grout and fills in all of the tiny pores. 
Surface Grout Sealer
Surface sealers are also grout protectors that form an impermeable protective layer or film on the surface rather than penetrating the pores.
Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when applying grout sealer:
Applying sealer on damp grout
You have to wait for the grout to completely dry before applying the bathroom grout sealer; otherwise, you risk the sealer coming off.
Overusing the sealer
Try to avoid using too much shower grout sealer that can spill over onto the tiles.
Allowing the sealer to dry on tile
It’s more hassle to clean the shower grout sealer off the tiles when it dries, so it’s best to clean it off before it dries. We recommend using a clean, damp sponge to wipe excess sanded grout sealer from the tiles right away.
Applying the sealer unevenly
You won’t be able to achieve the desired smooth aesthetic if you apply the sanded grout sealer unevenly. Uneven sealer might not provide complete protection.

Top Tips for Shower Maintenance

Top tips for shower maintenance:
  • Rinse your shower after use
  • Always run your fan when showering
  • Wipe down the tiles and shower door with microfiber towels
  • Hang loofahs up to dry

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Sealing Grout Make it Waterproof?
Yes, sealing shower grout with the Glaze n Seal acrylic grout sealer will prevent water from getting under the tiles.
2. How Do You Make Grout Waterproof?
Using the right floor grout sealer, like the Glaze n Seal acrylic grout sealer, effectively blocks water from seeping under the tiles.
3. Can You Seal the Grout After 24 Hours?
You should wait at least 24 hours before applying floor grout sealer on freshly grouted areas. Use a small brush or sponge brush to apply a light coat to the grout. You can apply multiple coats. Don’t apply the Glaze n Seal acrylic grout sealer over silicone-sealed grouts.
4. How Long Does Grout Sealer Take to Dry?
The Glaze n Seal acrylic grout sealer for tile grout only takes 1-4 hours to dry between coats. 
5. How Long After Grouting Can You Apply a Sealer?
You should wait at least 24 hours after grouting before you apply a sealer.

Top Grout Sealers for Showers

Our Flooring Supply Shop experts only provide the best sealers for sealing shower grout. Here are our top five picks:
The Glaze n Seal acrylic grout sealer for tile grout is a popular choice for showers and kitchens because it yields a smooth surface that’s easy to clean and stands up to ammoniated household cleaners. It’s on our list because it provides the best possible stain resistance of any water-based sealer. At Flooring Supply Shop, we only offer quality products to help you finish the job to the highest standards.


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