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Glaze N Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer Gallon

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Glaze N Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer

Environmentally Friendly

Olé offers high gloss protection and beauty to unglazed Mexican paver tile and other porous terra cotta surfaces with fewer coats. A blend of the latest in acrylic polymer technology has been coupled with an antimar agent, U.V. inhibitors and a grease and oil blocker to become the perfect solution for sealing porous tile.

Designed specifically for most porous saltillo and terra cotta tile. This easy to apply, non-yellowing acrylic provides a high gloss protective barrier against tough oil, water, acids, and food stains - indoors and outdoors. UV and abrasion resistance. It builds high gloss with fewer coats.


  • Medium - High Gloss
  • Film Forming Sealer
  • Water Based
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Builds film with fewer coats
  • Resists oil, grease and food stains
  • Hardens tile against chipping and abrasion
  • Gives a long lasting, high gloss appearance
  • Protects and beautifies
  • Waterbase safe, easy cleanup


INDOORS . . . Apply and maintain Glaze ’N Seal Floor Polish over Olé for abrasion protection and to extend the life of Olé. Place protective pads under chair legs and moveable furniture. Clean floors frequently with slightly damp mop using Glaze ’N Seal Neutral Cleaner. For more difficult cleaning or polish removal we recommend Glaze ’N Seal Heavy Duty Cleaner.

OUTDOOR . . . Surface may be "hosed off" with plain water or cleaned with Glaze ’N Seal Neutral Cleaner.

Olé may be reapplied for renewed appearance and added protection as desired (after first removing any topical wax or polish)

Saltillo tiles are handmade tiles made of clay. True Saltillos tiles are rustic, very porous sun dried tiles. New, unsealed, Saltillo tiles are very porous and subject to surface wear and staining if not properly sealed and maintained. With proper sealing and ongoing maintenance, the Saltillo tile will be more likely to enjoy a long lasting, beautiful and durable appearance.

How-to Seal and Maintain Mexican Saltillo Tile

Glaze N Seal Ole Mexican Tile Sealer MSDS

Glaze N Seal Mexican Saltillo Tile Fact sheet

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