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EasyHeat Extra Temperature Sensor



EasyHeat Extra Temperature Sensor

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10 ft long

dual use 120/240 Volt

Minimum distance of 6" (15.24 mm) the sensor wire should extend between two adjacent runs of heating cable, measured from the arc of the Return Loop

The Temperature sensor wire monitors actual floor temperature for accurate comfort control.

If you are adding Extra Temp Sensors, run both sensors from the control box to the floor below and then weave them into the mat 6 to 12 inches from the wall. You can put them side by side, but connect only one to the thermostatic control. If you ever need to replace a faulty sensor, you’ll have one at your fingertips

Install the thermostat sensor wire at the same time as the heating mat installation, as it must also be embedded in the cementitious based mortar

The resistance of the sensor wire should be between 7 and 14 Kohms

Do not use staples to affix thermostat sensor wire, cold lead, or heating cables

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