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Compotite Elastiseal Pro Construction Hybrid Sealant Adhesive 10



Compotite Elastiseal Pro construction Hybrid Sealant/adhesive 10 oz

Solvent Based Elastomeric Sealant

For use with Composeal Membranes to seal drains, pipes, conduits, flashings, corners and more

Caulking Cartridges 10 fl oz - White

Product Description

Elastiseal HP Hybrid Sealant & adhesive is a one-part, moisture cure silyl-terminated polyether. It has been formulated for use in both construction and industrial applications for use as both a sealant and adhesive.
It has been formulated to offer excellent resistance to UV degradation and yellowing to last in all climates long-term. The product is ideal to use in outdoor climates where moisture is present or where it might be exposed to immediate water as it will not harm the sealant unlike conventional polyurethanes & silicones that will have negative effects when exposed to water before cure. Elastiseal HP has an excellent adhesion profile to most construction and industrial substrates. Elastiseal HP is a VOC compliant, Eco-Friendly material that is 100% solids so it will not shrink or crack and forms a long-term durable rubber. Elastiseal HP can be painted with most consumer and industrial paints unlike silicones. Elastiseal HP will resist a vorietY of hot and cold temperatures when cured with a typical range of -7S°F to 220°F with interminent temperatures reaching 260"F.


1). Surface should be clean and dry.
2a) For a detached nozzle cartridge cut the tip off of the cartridge just above the nozzle threads. Thread nozzle onto cartridge and cut the tip of the nozzle to the required bead size.
2b) For a fixed nozzle cartridge cut the tip of the nozzle to the required bead size and break the foil seal inside.
3) Dispense by pushing the adhesive in the direction of the nozzle with a cartridge dispensing gun.
4) Apply as needed. If tooling is required do so within the first 15 minutes. Sealant will skin in approximately 30 minutes (dependent on temperature & humidity).
5) Allow the adhesive to cure completely. Strength will start to develop immediately and continue increasing for 7 days.
6) Wet adhesive can be cleaned with a solvent such as alcohol. Dry sealant can be removed by abrading or scraping. Suggested temperatures for application are 32°F to 120°F. Temperatures below 32°F and/or low humidity will slow skin/cure time.


:Elastiseal HP is an excellent sealant/adhesive for many Commercial, Industrial, and Construction applications where a long-term, permanently flexible bond or seal is required. Such applications include Window Installation, Metal Roof Installation, OEM Applications (depending on substrates), General Industrial, RV & Trailer Construction, General Construction, Joint Sealant, Wall Panel Installation, Adhering Brick or Stone, Fiberglass Tub Installation, Subfloor Applications, Construction Adhesive Applications, Bonding Granite and Composite Panels, Etc. (Can be used for various applications depending upon substrate). We generally do not suggest adhering polyethylene, polypropylene or TPO unless adequate testing is done to support use. We always recommends testing your application prior to use.

Made in the U.S.A

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