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Composeal White Gold Sound Control Waterproof - Roll



Composeal White Gold Sound Control Waterproof Anti-fracture Membrane - Roll


5 ft wide x 100 ft = 500 sq ft

Sold by Linear ft. priced by sq. ft. every feet run equal to 5 sq feet.
Select the total unit (sq. ft) you need and it will round it to the nearest linear run.

Sound rating is STC: 66 & ITC: 66

Crack Isolation & Waterproof

Controls Sound Transmission In High Quality Thin-Set Tile Installations
Protects From Substrate Cracks & Moisture Migration

COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD is a 50 mil version of COMPOSEAL GOLD 40 mil, thickened to provide extra sound control for above grade thin-set ceramic tile or marble installations.

COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD is used as a concealed sound control and crack isolation waterproof membrane under thin-set installations of ceramic tile and marble in new construction, renovation or repair in residential and commercial projects.

  • Specially formulated 50 mil PVC membrane with a fused polyester scrim. Gives unsurpassed double-protection against common shrinkage cracks found in residential and commercial construction, and prevents water damage and moisture migration.
  • For new construction or renovations using ceramic tile, marble, brick or stone.
  • Excellent bonding strength.
  • Significant labor cost savings with faster, one-step seaming.
  • Superior chemical, mildew, fungus resistance.
  • Ideal for interior and exterior floors, walls and decks over substrates of concrete, cementitious backer units, exterior grade plywood protected by sloped mortar bed or fill, and thick mortar settings beds (mud).

Uses, Applications

COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD is used as a concealed sound control and/or crack isolation and waterproof membrane under thin-set installations of ceramic tile and marble in new construction, renovation or repair in residential and commercial projects.

Negligible shrinkage at extreme temperatures combined with low water vapor permeability makes COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD especially ideal for sound control on radiant heated flooring and steam cleaned floors.

The powerful sound control and crack protection provided by COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD in above grade tile installations adds less than 1/8" to 1/4" to the overall thickness of the thin-set installation, and less than 1/3 lb. per sq. ft. to the overall weight.

Sound Control Capability

COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD provides a sound rating of IIC 59 and STC 60 in above grade ceramic tile installations over 6" concrete slab floors above a California light weight suspended ceiling. Crack Suppression, Bonding Direct and Waterproof Capabilities are all equal or better than the superior performance record of COMPOSEAL GOLD 40 mil Crack Isolation Waterproof membrane.

Crack Suppression Capability

Independent laboratory tests, supervised by the Ceramic Tile Institute of Los Angeles, conducted on COMPOSEAL GOLD over a split substrate using the load-bearing Robinson Floor Tester, confirm that COMPOSEAL GOLD has superior strength and ability to protect a properly installed thin-set tile installation from the most common cracks found in residential and commercial construction.

Waterproofing Capability

The well-proven COMPOSEAL PVC Shower Pan Liner makes up the inner layer of COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD and gives the same waterproofing protection.


When COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD is used for sound control and waterproofing, such as in showers, or on bathroom and kitchen floors, it cannot be bonded direct to any material adversely affected by water: plywood substrates must be covered with 1-1/4" wire reinforced mortar bed or cementitious backer units before bonding the WHITE GOLD.

COMPOSEAL WHITE GOLD cannot be used with asphalt or bituminous based products.

Warranty: Composeal 30 and 40 are warranted against failure for any reason. And in the event of failure, replacement material will be supplies at no charge, This warranty applies only to the membrane itself and not to the manner of installation over which we have o control, and it does not extend to consequential damage or other implies responsibility. Composeal should last the life of the building.

Made in the U.S.A

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