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Composeal 40 mil Blue Curb Protection



Composeal Blue Curb Waterproofing Protection

Price per piece

Can be used as curb protection and outside corners

When installing COMPOSEAL Blue as a shower pan, the Uniform Plumbing Code (Western US) requires curb protectors, also known as outside corners, to be placed at the junction of the shower curb and shower wall.

COMPOSEAL Flexible Vinyl Cement is used to weld these corners in place. These may also be used for shower seats or at other junctions.

Compotite does not recommend cutting the inside corners, so as to preserve the integrity of the shower pan. We recommend the corners be formed in a "dog ear" manner from the pan material and welded in place. For the rare cases in which a building inspector insists on cut corners, Compotite does keep a supply of inside Blue corners available. However, WE DO NOT RECOMMENDS THIS PROCEDURE.

Composeal is a blue flexible PVC waterproofing membrane.

Composeal is used as a concealed waterproofing membrane for showers, Roman tubs, and Whirlpool bath enclosures. Composeal cannot be used as liner in pools contain fish or water plants.

Composeal is also used extensively in renovation and remodeling, and in the northern climates, as a liner for outdoor hockey rinks.

Composeal is used generally under tile or marble as a waterproofing membrane beneath a thick set mortar bed of 1 14" - 2: above a substrate of wood or concrete.


Before placing pan, see that the sub-floor is sloped toward drain 1/4" per foot using cement mortar if necessary, and is free of loose objects or projections such as nail heads or gravel.

Make turn-up along walls not less than 3" above curb line, allowing sufficient material to fasten to outside face of curb.

Notch wood studs to 1/2" to the height of the pan to allow Composeal to be flush with face of the studs. For metal studs, use furring strips (1/4" to 1/2") above the top of the pan.

Fasten 3" or higher above the top of curb. Use flat head roofing nails or staples on wood studs. Use drywall screws and washers on metal studs.

Fold corners outside pan as illustrated. Allow for plumb surface by turning corner folds of pan out of way between studs and notch studs or use furring strips mentioned above to maintain a flush surface. Do not cut pan corners.

Use bold-down clamping-ring type drains with weep-holes. Set so sub drain lip is flush with subfloor.

Trim for drain exactly to size of drain opening. Do not trim out to bolt holes, but pierce to accommodate bolts with a tight fit.

Use butyl caulk or equal between pan and sub drain. Plug sub drain and fill pan with water and let stand for 24 hours to insure clamping ring is tight and pan undamaged. Bolt clamping ring firmly. Place a small amount of gravel or other porous material at weep holes so they remain clear when setting bed is poured. In areas under the jurisdiction of the UPC/IAPMO plumbing code, a 15 lb. felt underlayment is required under 30 mil shower pan liners. (The City of Los Angeles no longer requires this underlayment.) No underlayment is required for use with Composeal 40 mil thickness.

Testes material by the United State testing Co. test report no. LA 63554 Smith Emery Co. Test No. T-88-122S-B and Truesdail Laboratories, report # 24371-1
Composeal 30 and 40 also meet the Ceramic tile institute of America requirements for waterproofing membranes.
Composeal 30 and 40 comply with the three major plumbing codes. UPC-IAPMO, SBCCI and BOCA, Composeal has separate municipal approval where required, e.g. City of Los Angeles, City of Philadelphia (40 mil), Metropolitan Dade County and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Composeal also complies with the Corp of Engineers specs for PVC shower pan material (para 15 p1-18) and meets the requirements of FHA Publication 4900.1.

Warranty :

Composeal 30 and 40 are warranted against failure for any reason. And in the event of failure, replacement material will be supplies at no charge, this warranty applies only to the membrane itself and not to the manner of installation over which we have o control, and it does not extend to consequential damage or other implies responsibility. Composeal should last the life of the building.

Made in the U.S.A

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