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Cheetah Pucks Pads Stone Polishing Pad Single



Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Pad - Cheetah Pucks 5"

Available Grit: Step 1 - Aggressive Grit, Step 2 - Moderate Grit, Step 3 - Light Grit, Step 4 - Finishing Grit

Cheetah Pucks are 5" super thick diamond discs unlike any other diamond discs on the market today. Cheetah pads can fully restore marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, and other natural stone floors and surfaces with NO chemicals or polishing compounds.

We recommend the Pucks be mounted to our thick Rubber Riser. The riser acts as a cushion to make operation more comfortable and helps the Pucks glide over uneven surfaces. The rubber risers are available in 17" or 20". This riser goes on the bottom of the floor machine.

We recommend a 3-4 Puck configuration with the 17" and a 4-6 Puck configuration if you are using a 20" machine. It really is a matter of preference.

You need 3-4 Cheetah Pucks evenly spaced on a Velcro drive plate (17")on a floor machine. Why 3-4 or even 5? Some people will prefer to run only 3 to increase the psi on the segments where they contact the floor. Some prefer 4 or 5 or even 5 pucks for ease of operation and balance.

Floor Machines - 17" (175-350 rpm)

Coverage: 1500-15,000 sq. ft. per set

The Fastest Stone Restoration System on the Planet!!!

Polish like a pro Better than factory finish in less time, every time

Step 1 replaces = 100-200-400 grit to remove deep scratches
Step 2 replaces = 200-400-800 grit to remove mild to moderate scratches and etching
Step 3 replaces = 800-1500-3000 grit
Step 4 replaces = 3000-8000 grit
Steps three and four are to prepare the surface for polishing.

Recommend to have two of the 11,000 grit pads- 1 to be dedicate as a wet polish pad - 1 can dedicate as a dry polishing pad. Some surfaces can get even a little more "pop" by doing additional passes withe dry 11K.

How long will they last? Depending on stone hardness, type of equipment and proper use they’ll last 1500-15,000 sq. ft. per set. That’s a wide range but these factors can dramatically affect lifespan.

The pucks are made from the same material that is used on the larger Cheetah Pads. The Pucks have Velcro on the back and attach to a riser on the bottom of your standard 175-300 rpm floor machine or planetary.

You follow the regular suggested use and instructions for the Cheetah Pads as you would the Pucks. Please remember that having a full set is recommended to be prepared for any situation. You rarely to start with Step 1 on every job unless the damage is severe.

  • The Stone Craftsman’s Dream Come True
  • Up to 70% reduction in labor
  • As much as 75% lower cost
  • Work well on any floor buffer, orbital or planetary machine
  • No heavy duty equipment required
  • Extremely fast cutting
  • Better than factory finish in less time, every time
  • No acidic polishing compounds or crystallizer are needed! Only water

Diamond Pads That Perform Stone Restoration in Half The Time

  • Very easy To Use
  • Work well on any floor buffer, orbital or planetary machine
  • No acidic components
  • Extreme concentration of micro abrasives
  • Works incredibly well on ALL Marbles, Travertine, Limestone, Terrazzo and Polished Concrete
  • Chemical free Diamond pads are an Eco Friendly way to achieve a dull hone on Travertine, Marble, or Limestone Floors, countertops or walls.
  • Use on floors walls or countertops with little to no lippage (uneven tiles).
  • Pads remove wear and provide a variety of appearance levels from dull hone (no shine) to highly polished.
  • Safe on all stones and tile, will not damage any stone
  • Professional strength formula.


1. Sweep or vacuum to remove all abrasive soils.
2. Clean surface with Majestic Neutral Cleaner.
3. Rinse surface thoroughly.
4. Place 3-6 Cheetah Pucks evenly spaced on a Velcro drive plate on a floor machine. We recommend the Pucks be mounted to our thick Rubber Riser.
5. 175 rpm machines work best with 30 lb drive plate. 300-350 rpm machines do not require extra weight.
6. Apply enough water to 2’ X 5’ area to lightly wet the surface. No need for huge puddles.
7. Move the floor machine in an oval pattern, counter clockwise to keep the water inside the work area.
8. Check surface after 15-30 seconds to see if desired results are achieved.
9. If YES, repeat steps 6-8 on the rest of the room one section at a time.
10. Overlap sections by 4” - 6” to keep an even finish.
11. If NO, repeat steps 7 & 8 until desired result with that grit is achieved (usually 15-45 seconds per 2’ X 5’ area).
12. Rinse whole area between grits.
13. Rinse pad thoroughly after each use and allow drying.
14. Repeat steps 6-10 with grits as you go to higher number until desired finish is achieved.

Environmentally Friendly

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Made in the U.S.A

Eco friendly Instruction for polishing Granite and Marble - Video

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