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Adjustable Shelf Bracket



Adjustable Shelf Bracket for our Glass shelf and more

Available Colors:

Brass - Brushed Nickel - Satin Chrome - Chrome

Set of 2 Brackets

For Shelves Up to 10" (254 mm) Deep (Protrusion From Wall)

For Glass or Wood Shelves 1/8" to 15/16" (3 mm to 24 mm) Thick

Typical Applications Include Bathroom Shelves, Displays, Speakers, Collectibles

These CRL Adjustable Shelf Brackets are designed to work with 1/8 to 15/16 inch (3 to 24 millimeter) thick glass or wood shelves, up to 10 inches (254 millimeters) deep. For maximum strength in drywall installations, brackets should be secured to a stud no more than 16 inches (406 millimeters) apart. In concrete installations quality anchors are recommended.

The material directly behind the bracket could have an effect on the brackets performance. Hard materials such as concrete, tile or marble do not have the tendency to dent or collapse. However, depending on its condition, drywall can compress or dent and allow the front edge of the shelf to slant down.

Therefore, the depth of the shelf and the amount of weight placed on it should be considered in this type of installation. Maximum recommended weight per pair of DL631 Shelf Brackets correctly installed is 44 pounds (20 kilograms).

The brackets are secured with one screw (included) to the substrate. An adjustment screw is also included to accommodate various glass thicknesses.

Adjustable Shelf Bracket, Shower Glass Shelf by

Important Note: Shelf Brackets should be mounted no more than 16" (406 mm) apart. IFC is not responsible for inappropriate use, poor surface conditions or overloading. Appropriate attachment to the substrate is necessary.

Installation Instructions


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