Goof Proof Shower Seat Ready to Tile

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Goof Proof® Shower Seat

Innovations for Contractors, Builders and the Do-It-Yourself

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For new or retrofit installations!

This Shower Seat is a heavy duty stay-in-place molded plastic form that is easily installed, and can be tiled the same day. The Shower Seat is a standard 30” wide, and has guide marks on the top surface to make it easy to trim the seat to 24” wide.
Two level vials are supplied to indicate the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4” per 12” run.

For new installations, the seat is installed over the wall boards and secured into blocking between the studs using six 21/4” long screws.

For retrofit installations, the seat is installed over the tile and secured with the screws into six plastic toggle anchors


  • Easily Adjustable width 24” or 30”
  • Six pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Level vials ensure correct pitch
  • Full width tile support ledge
  • Waffle pattern assures optimal tile adhesion

Install A Shower Seat - FAST, EASY & RIGHT

Superior Quality - Heavy Drain Grate - Minimal Grout Rim - Designer finishes

How to install Goof Proof Shower Seat - English

How to install Goof Proof Shower Seat - Spanish



  • Model: GPSS-3024
  • UPC: 669555030247


Overall Rating:
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

  • By Steven Staab on Feb 2, 2017
    great product easy to install
  • By James Schill on Jun 9, 2016
    Quick and easy. The self-contained levels make the installation fool proof. It's a money saver for contractors.