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PM-DP Snow Sensor Control and Display Panel

January 25, 2010

By SunTouch® A division of Watts Water Technologies, Inc

PM-DP Detector Snow and Ice Sensor Controller for Automatically Melting Snow from Sidewalks and Driveways by


CAUTION: Read all instructions carefully before installation. Save this Installation Manual for future reference.

Home Automation Interface

The M-DP Snow Sensor Control and Display Panel also includes an input for optional home automation control. This interface provides the capability to trigger the system through telephone or computer control. Closure of the Trigger and Enable inputs will start one snow melting cycle, just as though the MANUAL ON button was pressed. Once the cycle is complete the sensor will revert to AUTOMATIC mode.

The Enable input is an optional connection point for a second “safety” contact set. If used, both contact sets must close to trigger the snow melt system. This can help eliminate inadvertent cycling of the system. If only one contact set is available, the user may install a jumper wire across terminals 3 & 4. The user may also connect a simple toggle switch across the Enable input to allow manual enabling and disabling of the home automation interface.

PM-DP Detector Snow and Ice Sensor Controller for Automatically Melting Snow from Sidewalks and Driveways by

General Safety Instructions


2. To avoid shock hazard do not open the front cover of the attached rain/snow sensor controller with power connected to the controller or any controlled equipment.

3. Always open any circuit breakers and remove power from any high voltage electrical circuits installed in close proximity to or sharing an enclosure with the PM-DP prior to removing the enclosure cover plate.

PM-DP Snow Sensor Control Overview

The PM-DP Snow Sensor Control/Display Panel is used in conjunction with a PM-2B Rain/Snow Sensor Controller. The sensor is typically mounted on a roof, near a gutter, or in a similarly difficult location to reach. The PM-DP provides a method of remotely monitoring and controlling the attached sensor. The user may monitor both the operating mode and the activation state of the sensor. The user may also set the sensor to prohibit automatic operation, to automatically operate, or to manually operate one snow melting cycle, then return to automatic operation. The PM-DP derives its power from the snow sensor and requires no batteries or AC power. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C the PM-DP is designed for use either indoors or outdoors with proper protection from the elements.

Installing the PM-DP Control/Display Panel

Installation requires a CS-1 Remote Control/Monitor Pigtail for the snow sensor and an appropriate 5- conductor cable for installation between the snow sensor and the PM-DP. The cable should be a minimum of 22 AWG (0.5 mm2) and shielding is preferred. An appropriate selection is Belden® 9941, Alpha® 1295C, or equiv. The PM-DP can be installed as much as 800 feet away from the snow sensor using 22 AWG shielded cable. Remove all power to the snow sensor, open its cover, and install the CS-1 pigtail. Install the 5-conductor cable between the sensor and the PM-DP enclosure.

Terminate the cable leads to the CS-1 pigtail noting any color code changes in the table below:

CS-1 Color
Your Color
CDP-2 TB-1
Manual On
Deice On Mon
Deice On Mon

The PM-DP may be installed in a conventional single or multi gang standard electrical enclosure. If installed in a multi gang enclosure next to high voltage equipment the PM-DPand its interconnecting cable must be isolated from high voltage wires and devices. Consult local electrical codes to determine the isolation methods required. Remove 2 in. (50mm) of outer insulation and shield from the 5-conductor cable. Remove ¼ in. (6mm) of insulation from the individual inner conductors. Following the above table press the clamp button on the terminal block, insert the bare lead into the clamp hole, then release.

The PM-DP faceplate can be grounded to reduce the chances of damage due to static shock. This can be an important consideration when operating in a very dry environment in the winter. Remove 1 in. (25mm) of insulation from the green EGND lead and connect this lead along with the bare 5-conductor “drain” wire to an electrical ground lead using a wire nut or equivalent.

Install the PM-DP into the electrical enclosure using the two screws provided. The screws are compatible with both metallic and non-metallic enclosures. Once installation is complete a “modular” electrical cover plate can be installed. Compatible types include the Leviton® Decora® and Hubbell® Styleline series.

External Control/Monitor Operation

The PM-DP provides three push button switches; STANDBY, AUTOMATIC, and MANUAL ON. The respective LED indicators for each control reflect the current operating mode of the snow sensor. Note that, to save energy, the LED indicators blink periodically rather than remaining steadily illuminated. Pressing STANDBY will set the connected snow sensor to ignore snow fall and prohibit automatic operation of an attached snow melt system. This function can be used to save energy if snow melting is not critical (driveway, sidewalk) and is not required for an extended period of time (vacation home, remote location.) Pressing AUTOMATIC will set the connected snow sensor to automatically activate and control an attached snow melt system when snow is detected.

PM-DP Detector Snow and Ice Sensor Controller for Automatically Melting Snow from Sidewalks and Driveways by

Typically a “drying cycle” time is configured on the snow sensor with a time delay of 30-90 minutes. It begins once snow stops falling and allows the heated surface to more thoroughly dry. For example, if the cycle is set for 30 minutes and snow falls for 2 hours the snow sensor will operate the snow melt system for 2 hours, 30 minutes. Switching the sensor override switch to the MANUAL ON position will cause the sensor to close its relay and activate the snow melt system continuously. Pressing the MANUAL ON button on the PM-DP will not trigger the sensor to run continuously but will initiate one “drying cycle.” This mode can be used to test the system or clear any remaining un-melted snow. This function allows the user to run a cycle without having to remember to shut the system back off. The sensor will initiate one drying cycle and revert to automatic mode, ready for detection. The MANUAL ON mode can be activated directly from either AUTOMATIC or STANDBY mode. The user may reset and clear the drying cycle by pressing STANDBY

The PM-DP will also show the current setting of the manual override switch for the attached snow sensor. The sensor’s override switch will always take precedence over the PM-DP setting. If, for example, the PM-DP has placed the sensor into STANDBY mode and the sensor switch is moved to MANUAL ON the CDP-2 will show a change to MANUAL ON mode. Whenever the sensor’s switch overrides the PM-DP’s setting, then returns to AUTOMATIC mode, the PM-DP will also revert to AUTOMATIC mode.

The DEICE ON indicator shows whether or not the attached snow sensor has been activated and the snow melting system is operating. It may illuminate either from automatic activation of the sensor or by the user pressing the MANUAL ON control.


PM-DP Specifications
4.1″(104) x 1.8″(45) x 0.9″(23)
2.5 Oz. (71g)
Operating Temperature
-40oF to +185oF (-40oC to +85oC)
Supply Power
Supplied by connected sensor, 3.5mW max
Control Functions
Manual On/Automatic/Standby
Monitor Functions
Manual On/Automatic/Standby/Deice On
Supply Voltage
Derived from Snow Sensor
Compatible Sensors
PM-2B / PM-224 / PM-824
Operating Temperature Range
(-40oF) to +185oF
Manual /Automatic/Standby
Dry Cycle Time
Based on Sensor Setting
Location Used
Wiring Type
22 AWG (minimum) / 5 or 6 Conductor
Maximum Distance
800 ft.


Convenient Indoor Monitoring and Control

Self Powered, No AC Wiring or Batteries Required

Fits Any Standard Single Gang Electrical Box

Compatible with Leviton Decora ®/Hubbell StyleLine™ Cover Plates

You Choose The Cover Plate Color and Material

Smart “Manual On” Operates for One Delay Off Cycle

Home Automation Control Interface

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