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Ebbe square shower drain, deco shower drain

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Where does the name ebbe come from?


The name ebbe comes from the word “ebb” as used in the terms “ebb and flow” and “ebb tide”. It means receding water. It is pronounced the same as “ebb” with a long “e” sound at the end. We think that the “ebbe” brand name is a good fit for the name of a drain manufacturer. We also like the way it looks as our logo.


What are Ebbe Square Drains?


Ebbe Square Drains are not complete shower drains. They are what we call a “drain head upgrade”. Each replaces the upper (round head) portion of a standard three part “membrane type” shower drain. They have three components, the Drain Grate the grout rim and the threaded ABS plastic riser.


Will the Ebbe Square Shower Drain work with Quick Pitch and Pre Pitch system?


Yes it will. Click on this link to see series of pictures on how to install the Ebbe Square drain with the Quick Pitch system

Ebbe square shower drain, deco shower drain


What features of Ebbe Square Drains that make them so much better for ceramic tiled showers than any other drain?

Answer: Here is our answer feature by feature

Square shape. It’s easier to cut tile to a square drain than to cut, nip and grind to fit a round one. Simple cuts are easily made, and waste little precious time. Ebbe drains are sized to match standard 1/2”, 1”, 2”, and 4” tile without cutting. When cutting is needed, cuts are straight saw cuts. No grinding to match a radius. Consider the how much easier glass mosaics will be to install.

Heavy Drain Grate. Our drain grates are made form heavy die cast zinc and will provide years of service without corrosion or bending. They’re the only part of our drain with a finish. Simply replace them to change finishes. With no screws, ebbe drain grates are easily removed for maintenance as well.

Minimal Grout Rim. Our minimal grout rim provides a rigid frame to grout to and nothing more. The job of the grout rim is to support the grout behind it and provide a perfect flush fit to the grate without being noticed. It gives the Ebbe Square Drain its’ clean look and allows the grate to set flush into the tile without the appearance of a frame.

Designer finishes. Ebbe Square Drains are available in seven designer finishes that compliment today’s plumbing. Homeowners, tired of stamped stainless steel get excited about being offered quality drains to match their designer finishes. Did you know that today’s shower plumbing is easily upgraded? While valves within shower walls remain the same, the designer appearance and finish of shower heads and controls can be replaced and upgraded as needed. Finishes for Ebbe Square Drains are also easily upgraded as trends change by simply changing out the drain grate.

No Screws Please! Screws are a bother to remove when you have to retrieve an earring or remove trapped hair. We could see the first time someone removed a screw with an old screwdriver, the finish would get damaged. The little things can pop out of your fingers into the drain and get lost! How would we replace all those little designer screws in seven different finishes anyway? Each of our drains is provided with a grate puller. Keep the puller in a drawer until it’s needed, then simply engage the puller into the grate and pull it straight out!


Why don’t plumbers install Ebbe Square Drains when tiled showers are specified in new homes?


“Ebbe Square Drains” is a new product line and is just now being introduced for the first time (fall/winter of 2006). They are presently marketed only to the tile industry and have been welcomed immediately by tile contractors, home owners, designers and who have seen them for the first time. An enormous task of educating the majority of General Contractors, Architects, Designers, and Tile Contractors about the benefits of using our drains is still ahead of us. Some old habits will need to change. We would like to see the day when Ebbe Square Drains are always considered when tiled residential showers are planned. Much of this education will be done by word of mouth from tile contractors, dealers, and distributors who have worked with and appreciate our product. Soon word will spread and a growing demand for Ebbe Square Drains will be created.


I have seen other square drains in plumbing catalogs for several years. I have never seen them used on a residential jobsite. Why?


Other square drains have been out there for years but are seldom specified for residential use. Plumbing distributors don’t stock them. They regard them as special order items. For one reason or another they have definitely not become commonly accepted by plumbers or made readily available by plumbing distributors. I suggest that their lack of acceptance in housing is due to a few shortcomings in design, price, limited finishes, quality, size, and marketing approach. The main reason however, is the fact that plumbing contractors have been making the decision about what drains to install in residential tiled showers for decades. They have had an interest in keeping their job simple and choices limited. Until now they have not shown an interest in installing drains specially suited for tiled showers. Most would rather stock and install one drain type
that “will work” for every situation whether the final finish is to be tile, cultured marble, or another material. This means that the drains they install are the standard round variety. The only finish available is stainless. Providing custom drains to compliment tiled showers could require another costly visit by the plumber to the jobsite for just that purpose. You must realize that plumbers plan to make only three visits to a residential jobsite. The first two visits are made early in the building process. First to do the below grade rough-in. During the second visit after which comes soon after framing, water lines and drains are installed. A final visit is made near the very end of construction to install sinks and faucets etc. At this stage all tile work, and counter tops are completed.

Shower system by tiledepot.us


The drain I have is ABNA 4 1/4″ diam round drain with female threads.
The shower pan and sub-floor is installed but the tile is not. The tile is 3/8″ thick. Can I use square shower drain?


The ABNA adapter should have been used in place of the standard ABNA clamping flange. It should have been sealed to the waterproofing before the mortar bed was installed.


The drain I have is ABS 4 ¼” diam round drain with female threads.
The shower pan and sub-floor is installed but the tile is not. The tile is 3/8″ thick. Can I use square shower drain?


The ABNA adapter should have been used in place of the standard ABNA clamping flange. It should have been sealed to the waterproofing before the mortar bed was installed.


Do you believe that Ebbe Square Drains will succeed where others have not, delivering a better drain product for tiled showers?


Yes! We feel that there are three keys that a specialty drain for tiled showers must have to achieve wide market acceptance.

First, it must be properly designed to suit the needs of its primary market, the tile contractor. Square drains are the only shape that makes logical sense for tile. Tile contractors want them! They also must be drains that a tile contractor can install without crossing over the line that leads to assuming any liability for plumbing. I have to qualify that statement somewhat. In most areas of the country the tile contractor assumes responsibility for constructing adequate waterproofing, drainage and weep control within a tiled shower. His job, as it relates to shower construction has everything to do with water control and nothing to do with plumbing. These abilities fall within the accepted knowledge base and skill set of the tile contractor. Cutting and gluing pipe and fittings, building proper venting and drainage etc. is not! Tile contractors don’t do plumbing!

Second, drains must be made available with standardized interchangeable drain head connections. This is because the upper and lower components of these types of drains need to be marketed separately. The lower portion that the plumber installs should be sold through distribution to plumbers. The drain head needs to be made available through a network of tile distributors and dealers to tile contractors rather than to plumbers.

Third, and finally the drain needs to be offered as a design decision to the home owner. Master bathrooms and kitchens are two areas of today’s homes where owners are eager to invest in upgrades. As witnessed by a growing selection of steam showers, body sprays, hand controls and multiple shower heads, showers are fast becoming the most upgraded and utilized area within a typical master bathroom. Sophisticated designer finishes are replacing chrome as the finish of choice and now comprise a majority of the market. The trend toward choices other than basic chrome is rapidly expanding. Shower drains must now be included in that offering.

A properly built tiled shower can easily last over 30 years. It doesn’t make sense to install a low quality floor drain here. A properly designed drain should be durable, attractive, upgradeable and maintainable. Ebbe Square Drains are!

Important!! Plumbers do not install this product!

If an Ebbe Square Drain is to be installed into your new tiled shower, it will have to be the tile contractor that installs it.


Ebbe square drains are designed to thread into the female threads of standard shower drain fittings. Do they fit all brands of drains or are there some exceptions?


Yes, there are some exceptions. They do not fit all drain fittings but they do match up with over 90% of the 3 piece shower drains used today. They fit all the major brands of ABS and PVC 3 piece shower drains on the market. These include Oatey, Jones Stevens, IPS Water-tite, and Sioux Chief. Adaptors are available for a few other non standard brands. Two piece cast iron drains with round stamped strainers are the most common drain in California. This type is almost exclusive to the state of California will not accept Ebbe Square drains. We are currently working on a solution.


How are Ebbe Square Drains installed?


The ebbe Square Drain installs as easy as replacing a light bulb! It takes less than a minute. The tile setter, home owner, or general contractor, simply unscrews the round drain head from the shower drain fitting (installed by the plumber) and screws the ebbe Square Drain head in its place. The rest of the tile installation process is the same as usual.


Can Ebbe Square Drains be installed in an existing shower?


Possibly this can be done, but not without removing the entire tiled shower floor and mortar bed down to the waterproof liner. Replacing the shower floor tile and mortar bed without damaging the waterproofing can be a risky proposition. A water test would then need to be performed to ensure that the waterproof liner is free from leaks before reinstalling the shower floor and drain head. You will only know if it has been successful after the demolition and leak test. After all that, hopefully the fitting beneath it all is compatible with the Ebbe Square Drain. You can email or call us and we will help you make that judgment call.


If I order today when will I receive it


We stock all 18 finished colors in large quantity, we ship same day if order is enter before 4:00 pm PST check this link at the bottom for UPS map to see how many business days will take for your order to arrive.

Drain Grate

Ebbe Drain Plug, for square shower drain by flooringsupllyshop.com

Square Drain Body – ABS

After the grout is completely set remove the drain plug from the drain pocket by threading a screw into one of the corner holes.

Tip the screw at a small angle as shown. Don’t thread it too deep, Just enough to grab the plug so that it can be extracted.

After removing the plug clean up the opening with a utility knife removing any grout from the edge and inside the grout rim.

When all grout residue is removed from the drain pocket you can install the drain grate.

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    Can the Drain Grate (E4400) be used on your standard square drain cover as well as the “Unique Series”? The Uniques Series states that it is 3/16″ thick but the standard square drain cover doesn’t mention thickness so I want to know if I should purchase a different Drain Grate for the “Unique Series”.

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