PreFormed Ready to Tile Wide Combo Recess


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PreFormed Ready to Tile Wide Combo Recess 14 x 22

Best Ready to tile niches in the market made of 2 Lbs. High density compress Styrofoam with Waterproofing coating

Made in the U.S.A

Approx pre-finished dimension

Rough Sizes: 14" x 21" x 4" Deep

Net Sizes: 12" x 12" and  12" x 6" x 3" Deep

Niches are coasted with Poly Prep a One-Component Bonding Cement and Primer For EPS Architectural Foam and protect with liquid waterproofing membranes

PreFormed Niches... Anywhere you want to store, display... bath, kitchen, hall or exterior wall. PreFormed Niches are amazingly versatile. Easy to install and ready to tile in minutes, not hours.

PreFormed Niches feature in-wall construction. This unique design allows you to tile with the same tile as the surrounding walls.

PreFormed Niches are a one-piece construction, and waterproof. Guaranteed to never rot, degrade, or leak. Their insulative factor does not promote condensation in the wall cavity.

Easy, Waterproof, Worry Free. The difference is CLEAR.

The "Anywhere" Solution

Preformed Ready to Tile Niches Information



  • Model: IFCR304


Overall Rating:

  • April 09, 2012
    By: Aura Muccio
    Super easy to install and tile. Perfect for our new shower!!
  • November 07, 2011
    By: Denice White
    We are very satisfied in all respects with all the products that we purchased and with the service that we received. Excellent product, excellent service and competitive pricing. Thanks
  • June 27, 2011
    By: Diana Pedley
    Our builder liked working with this insert and the shower looks great. We enjoy using the 2-tier shelf. Will recommend to others.