Serene Steam Shower Storm Surge model Complete Unit

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Serene Steam Shower Storm Surge model Complete Unit

No Generators - No Electrical - No Reconstruction

Introducing our most powerful, and elegant design, offering all the luxurious features as previous models with even more. A square theme, everything you need to transform your shower into an extravagant world of heat, steam, premium Bluetooth Audio and luxurious shower features. available as separate components. (Shower head & Bluetooth audio are individual components giving you the ability to place them at a desired location in your shower enclosure, or uniformly as it appears in our image

Available style are: Square themed.

Available finishes are: Brushed Satin and Polished Mirror

A square and rectangle theme, everything you need to transform your shower into an extravagant world of heat, steam and luxurious shower features.

The world’s first all in one steam shower system that doesn’t require any electricity nor generator.


Product Specifications

  • Ultra-Thin Rainfall shower head (place in any location Wall or Ceiling)
  • Premium Bluetooth audio system
  • Steam control dial
  • Diverter control dial
  • Main hot & cold mixing valve
  • Aromatherapy Feature
  • Steam vent (our primary feature)
  • Hand held manual shower head
  • 16 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Height: 42 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Depth: Flush with wall

Constructed from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel & available finishes are: Brushed Satin and Polished Mirror


Everything you need to transform your shower into an extravagant world of heat, steam, Bluetooth Audio and luxurious shower features, includes a mixing valve. Shower head & arm may be placed at any height in your shower enclosure. Fits flush with wall.

The Serene Steam shower unit mounts flush into your shower wall and replaces your existing shower head and faucet/mixing valve. With all the amazing features shown below, this model is the perfect choice to give your bathroom an elegant, and upscale makeover with the benefits of a steam system.

There is absolutely no electrical requirements at all and can easily be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor. Unlike most steam systems available, Serene Steam System requires minimal installation.

Constructed entirely from high grade stainless steel, the system incorporates a modern, and beautiful design that will enhance your showers’ appearance and provide a luxurious steam and sauna effect without the typical costs and construction requirements as with all known competitors.

The results of Serene Steam are excellent, with environment temperatures reaching approximately 105 degrees (depending on shower enclosure size) Fahrenheit at 100% humidity.

Use Aromatherapy with your steam shower to further enhance the sensation & benefits.

One free bottle of our exclusive Aromatherapy is provided free with any Serene Steam shower unit purchased. On average, one bottle should last for 30 days.

The water consumption required per steam use has been measured at one half the amount of water required when taking a regular shower for the same period. California water consumption standard requirement is 2.5 gallons per minute. Serene Steam uses approximately 1.2 gallons per minute.

This latest Storm Surge version is our first system to incorporate a UPC certified, pressure balanced mixing valve.

All Storm Surge models ordered after April 1st 2017 will incorporate this new valve system.



Serene Steam Showers FAQ

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Serene Steam MSDS

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  • Model: ES04-PC
  • UPC: 753807278621

How does it work?

Years of development and technique have resulted in the ability to produce an excellent flow of heat and steam into your shower enclosure without any generators or further power, other than your existing water heater as the main source of energy. The rest of the magic takes place in our ‘All in one”, ready to install system, which is “One of a Kind” and only available from Serene Steam.

Serene Steam uses a sequence of Patent Pending techniques that in theory separates the steam from your hot water, amongst other events. It begins with your existing hot water heater which supplies the Serene Steam system the energy and water flow required to complete the process that results in the steam flow, and heat into your shower enclosure.

Within the steam module of the Serene Steam system, there is a second process of increasing the water pressure as well as several other factors designed to allow steam to enter your shower enclosure. Due to multiple events and further techniques “which is isolated in the steam module (housing)”, the flow of steam and hot air is raised to the level of a “Fan type of effect” which blows hot air and steam together into your shower enclosure.

This final result that you will feel in your shower enclosure has a similar feeling to that of putting your hand in front of a heater which blows hot air. The Serene Steam system when in use, feels like a fan is blowing hot air and steam.

The amount of water used for the steam feature is actually reduced greatly compared to the water use during your regular shower, based on multiple tests, it shows that almost half the amount of water is required for using the steam feature when compared with a regular shower flow, this test was based on a “Low Flow” shower head producing approximately 2.6 gallons per minute. The Serene Steam feature produces approximately 1 gallon per minute. Although this is not a scientific analysis of the water flow, the bottom line is that the water flow using the steam feature is indeed almost half that of your regular shower head flow, Serene Steam is currently undergoing detailed lab analysis via IAPMO where detailed, and certified results will be available in the coming months.

Steam Showers FAQ


Overall Rating:
5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

  • By Luke Schoen on Jun 14, 2016
    Was hard for me to believe you can get steam without a generator after spending quite a bit of time with flooring supply and got all my questions answered I decide to give it a go, the return policy made it easy for me, one I got it in my hand from packing to quality all are 5 star, Installation was way too simple and the steam work just perfect. After using the steam for 3 times already I can feel I can leave review
  • By Dan Cruz on Jun 9, 2016
    Oh Wow I just got my steam unit and put it together right away. I have used it several times now. I have to hand it to this company, the quality of the engineering of this thing is perfect, it was put install (alone) in about 5 minutes. Everything worked perfect~! Used it several times sense. 5 star company and Steam system

Serene Steam Shower Storm Surge model Complete Unit