Wringmaster Grout clean-up System

Wringmaster Grout clean-up System

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by Stuart Goldberg
This is my second wringmaster as the first one was stolen while I was working at a recent job, my back was turned.

This time I made my own improvements, sorely needed from my point of view. I'll try to send you an email through my phone camera in the next days.

First, the roller sits too low, too close to the top edge of the bucket on which it is resting, as you use the tool, the sponge now being too close to the bucket as you draw it back. So I drilled new holes and mounted new nuts forward and lower so that the tool can sit on a slight angle, the back of it is now higher than the bucket's rim.

Then I quickly mounted a couple of small metal angles and cut some small slots in them so that they slightly grip the top edge of the bucket...that prevents the unit from releasing from its position on the bucket (you can only tighten it so much, as it will slide backward if you overdo it). Now I have a better tool, one that will stay where it's put and the roller will not hit the upper edge of the bucket.

In addition, the sponge should be cut so that it appears crosshatched, in small squares, making it a great deal easier to use and better at picking up and releasing the water.