ATR Tile Leveling System 50 Pro Spindles

ATR Tile Leveling System 50 Pro Spindles

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by Jeff Miller
The new design is a huge improvement over the previous style which used black screws with a Philips head screw. Quick assembly on all styles of bases. The only issue is that I have not figured out the size of the Torx bit that is in the top of the screw, though I tried ever size I had. There is definitely not a better leveling system out there, as far as I have tried, and I have tried a lot. 100 spindles is not nearly enough for a full days work, so make sure you have plenty, especially if you are doing a subway pattern, or using smaller tiles. I typically only use these on natural stone, or larger porcelain tiles, but they will work on any type of tile. The supplied nut setter is also a huge help, just be sure to have your drill set on a very low clutch setting or you will pull the threads right out of the base. Guess how I know this!! 4 Seemed to be a good setting on my drill which was a 10.2 V small gun. Start out low and adjust heavier until the right clutch setting is reached.