ATR Leveling System T Spacers 2mm

ATR Leveling System T Spacers 2mm

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by Glenn Anderson
Superb product. I used this system to install 3x6 tiles on two walls. Result was perfect. I mean perfect. A pro using traditional spacers could not do better. This is not a cheap product but, if you are doing a high-end install on walls, it is worth it. I'm giving this a lower rating because Flooring Supply Shop screwed up my order and took their time getting the correct spacers to me. (I ordered T spacers but received cross spacers.) Also, I believe they are charging a premium on this until another true competitor comes along. If you are doing a floor, you will probably be fine using a cheaper system but if you are doing walls and you need it to look stellar, this is the system you want. Just make sure you order it in advance so you have time to make sure you have the right product.