RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf
  • RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf
  • RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf
  • RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf
  • RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf
  • RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf
  • RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf
  • RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf

RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf

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RetroShelf Ready to Tile Corner Shower Shelf

Innovations for Contractors, Builders and the Do-It-Yourself

10 3/8" x 10 3/8" x 14 5/8"

Tile Ready Shelf Kit Includes;

Shelf - template - rails, glues and pre-cleaner plus instructions

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The RetroShelf Tile Corner Shower Shelf makes putting in a shower shelf easier than ever before! No more tiling-in the shelf, waiting for concrete to dry, coming back day after day to do a small thing here and small thing there. RetroShelf installs in minutes and ANYONE can do it. No Tools, No Screws, No Problem. RetroShelf’s.

RetroShelf is the simplest and easiest way to install a beautiful tile shelf in your shower. Whether you’re just tiling your shower or it was tiled long ago, you can install RetroShelf without cutting any tiles on your shower walls or piercing your membrane with drills and screws.

RetroShelf can hold over 100lbs. Our new technology utilizing both acrylic resin and silicon adhesive along with our innovative hanging system creates a level and very strong install! We are proud to say, RetroShelf is one of the strongest tile shelf’s on the market!

The Goof Proof® Tile Ready Corner Shelf is so easy to install a 6 year old can do it. Made of sturdy PVC and patented mounting system (Retro Shelf Mounting System) this shelf is installed in less than 5 minutes!

Install and tile with your choice of coverings; Porcelain and ceramic tile, stone, granite, slate or any other durable water tolerant material. It is eye pleasing, functional and sturdy enough to hold up to 100 lbs.

The Goof Proof® Tile Ready Corner Shelf comes complete with template including adhesive stickers, mounting rails and adhesive, tile ready shelf and silicone adhesive.

  • Installs in 5 Minutes!
  • No Tools Required!
  • Installs Without Screws
  • No Cutting Into Shower Tile
  • Ultra-Strong – Holds Over 100 lbs.
  • Comes in Ready-To-Tile Blanks
  • Many options to choose from Use your own Tile, Granite, Marble or Travertine


This product is not designed to be used in any load bearing application beyond normal bottles of shower liquids. NOT for use as a seat, or for feet or hands

RetroShelf Installation Instruction - Video


  • Model: RS100
  • UPC: 85682006008

RetroShelf installs in minutes. Just follow our simple and easy instructions

  1. “SAFTY FIRST” Please do not get adhesives on your skin or in your eyes!
  2. Please watch the installation video now if you have not already.
  4. Determine desired location of the shelf. (Note- The center of the guide rail slot on the mounting board will also be the center of the shelf.)
  5. Make sure the location is free from dust, dirt, oil, hard water and soap scum build up. Clean and wipe dry if necessary.
  6. (Important) Use the included alcohol wipe to clean the area where the shelf will be installed and allow to dry. (this will ensure a proper bond with both adhesives)
  7. Stick the double sided adhesive pads on the back of the mounting board at marked locations. (remove the protective parchment paper from the other side of double sided sticky pad)
  8. Bend the mounting board and place the corner of the mounting board into the corner of the desired location of the shower shelf.
  9. Evenly push the mounting board open so that the adhesive pads stick to the surface of the shower wall at the same time.
  10. Push on the marked location on the front of the mounting board.
    ( a. This will force the adhesive pads to firmly attach mounting board to the shower wall)
    ( b. The mounting board is self leveling, however, please check it at this point to make sure it is level.)
  11. Take smaller foil adhesive tub "POINT TUBE AWAY FROM FACE AND BODY" and screw on the applicator tip.
  12. Apply a small line of this adhesive to one of the mounting rail sticks.
  13. Place the mounting rail stick firmly in one of the open slots. To ensure that the mounting rail sticks are level, evenly rest the rails on the lower lip of the mounting board slot and hold for 30 seconds.
  14. Repeat the last step with the other mounting rail stick.
  15. Let the sticks set up for 2 to 3 minutes.
  16. (a. The Mounting Rail Sticks should be firm now, if not allow a few more minutes of set time)
    (b. 65 degrees and above are ideal temperatures for adhesion. Ambient temperature and humility will affect the cure time).
  17. Remove the Mounting Board while pushing on the mounting sticks to ensure they stay secure on the wall while it is removed.
  18. Take the Silicone tube "POINT TUBE AWAY FROM FACE AND BODY" and screw on the applicator tip.
  19. Apply silicone to the back edges of the shelf and inside on the top the receiving groves.
  20. Press the shelf firmly onto the mounting rail sticks and remove any excess silicone that squeezes from the edges.
  21. Now you have a few options.
    (1. You can apply the silicon on all edges where the shelf meets the wall.)
    (2. Let the silicone cure and grout the edges where the shelf meets the wall)
    (3. after grout is dry a small bead of silicone can be applied over grout to prevent grout from cracking)
  22. Wait 6 hours before water use and 24 hours before weight bearing use.


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RetroShelf Tile Ready Retro Shelf