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Wet Look Green Lacquer Sealer Pail



Glaze N Seal Wet Look Lacquer Green 5 Gal - Pail

The original "Wet Look" Lacquer Green provides beautiful high gloss protection to decorative concrete, masonry, and natural stone. For use on porous materials.

A clear, non- yellowing sealer that resists tough oils, water and acid - indoors and outdoors. Deep bonding formula resists peeling, cracking, UV degradation and efflorescence. Great for driveways, patios, fountains, and ponds.

"WET LOOK" Lacquer Green is fully compatible with Glaze ’N Seal original Lacquer and may be used over it for recoating purposes.

"WET LOOK" Lacquer Green complies with most strict Air Quality Management District Requirements (except SCAQMD). “WET LOOK” Lacquer Green has improved coverage up to 15-20% greater than other formulas. Adjust application accordingly with thin, even coats.

Low VOC formula for areas requiring lowest VOC levels.

  • Covers 625 - 2500 Sq. ft / pal (1st coat) 50% greater on 2nd coat
  • Dry Time - 1 hour
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Use Indoor or Outdoors
  • Fast Drying and Long Lasting
  • Apply with Brush or Sprayer
  • Prevents Staining
  • High Solids
  • Strong Resistance to Efflorescence

A revolutionary Low-VOC crystal clear acrylic coating designed to protect and beautify concrete, masonry and tile surfaces,

This super-tough film gives a rich "Wet Look", resists chemicals, abrasion and stains.

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