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Wet Cutting Profiler for Stone 45 degree 3/8



Profiler for Stone 3/8"

Alpha® Profiler B-Series

  • Arbor 5/8" - 11 Threaded
  • Shape - Reverse Bevel
  • Max Rpm - 3,500

Alpha Professional Tools® makes creating an internal bevel easy by introducing the Alpha® Profiler RE-Series. Use with a center water-feed polisher to produce a flawless 45 degree corner piece on granite, engineered stone, porcelain, marble and limestone tiles. Regardless of your skill level, the unique design of the nylon guide and rotary touchier makes a uniform beveled edge to obtain a perfect square corner with ease. The Alpha® Profiler RE-Series is unique and very cost-effective. Use this wheel to create a perfect corner piece. Polish it with Alpha® Ceramica EX for a superior professional finish.

How to Use

Press nylon guide down firmly on top of material and turn on polisher.

Always apply sufficient downward pressure to prevent nylon guide from spinning. (Nylon Guide should not "Spin Freely" during operation).

The purpose of the nylon guide is to ensure the Alpha® Profiler remains at the proper height so the profiled edge remains straight.

The ball bearing/rotary touchier within the Alpha® Profiler will control the depth of the grinding action to ensure that the profiled edge remains straight and consistent.

The application is complete when the operator no longer hears a grinding noise, and the run-off water is clear.

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