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Warmup Terra Smart WiFi Thermostat - TRA-04-WH-LC



Warmup Terra Smart WiFi Thermostat - TRA-04-WH-LC

Warmup’s Terra WiFi thermostat has been designed with simplicity and stylish functionality in mind. It brings energy-efficient heating control to all floor heating systems. The Terra does not require programming and uses Warmup’s latest Smart technology to automatically control heating for luxurious comfort and energy efficient operation.

Always at the right temperature - SmartGeo technology turns the heating down automatically when you leave and warms back up to temperature just as you arrive, helping reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

Weather based “early start” - Advanced early start functionality that works with the local weather forecast to activate the heating at just the right time, whatever the conditions outside.

Easy to use - The Terra heating controls are easy to use and don’t require programming. The set-up can be completed within a few simple steps.

Always at the right temperature - For use with electric underfloor heating systems, the 6iE does not require programming and uses Warmup’s latest technologies to ensure your home is always at the right temperature, at the right time, for you.

Stylish Design, Intuitive Control The Terra WiFi thermostat is the perfect way to introduce the benefits of energy efficient smart underfloor heating control to your home while complimenting your interior style.

Featuring touch buttons and a simple display for accurate management of your home’s floor heating, the Terra offers true ease of use – simply scroll and tap to change the temperature. Its sleek, unobtrusive design will suit any home decor.

Energy-Saving Technology The Terra utilities SmartGeo technology to learn your routines – offering radiant warmth at the right temperature, at the right time for you, automatically.

Use the free MyHeating app for iOS and Android to control your heating and view your energy usage and costs. Using the Terra with the MyHeating app can help reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

Beautiful Looks, Built to last The Terra WiFi thermostat combines Warmup’s industry leading build quality and support with an elegant design, perfect for projects where style and performance are a priority.

The translucent frosted Light fascia absorbs ambient colors to blend perfectly with walls and the polished rose-gold tone accents bring subtle warmth and brightness.

The Terra WiFI Thermostat matches the size of standard light switches to become a cohesive addition to your interior design. The minimalist display makes interaction intuitive, with simple up and down controls for temperature and an icon-based interface suitable for users in any language.

Works with the Warmup Smart Family

The Terra WiFi thermostat can be used alongside the 6iE WiFi thermostat, all through the same MyHeating app. This means you can enjoy the large, full color touch screen of the 6iE in one zone and benefit from the simpler design of the Terra in another zone, without sacrificing functionality. The MyHeating app makes it easy to control all of your zones from one screen and combines data from all your Warmup Smart thermostats to give a whole-house view of your energy usage and settings.

Technical Specifications

  • Technical specifications
  • Operating voltage - 110V – 240V AC +/-15% 50Hz/60Hz
  • Maximum load - 15A resistive, (120 V – 1800W, 240 V – 3600W)
  • Max. ambient temperature - 40°C / 104°F (T40
  • Dimensions - 3 1/8″ x 4 1/2″ x 7/8″ (from the wall)
  • Screen size - 1 34"
  • Sensors - air and floor
  • Floor sensor type - NTC10K @ 25°C
  • Warranty 12 years when installed together with a Warmup heating system (3 years with other systems)


  • Simple touch buttons for accurate control of your underfloor heating system. Its sleek, unobtrusive design will suit
    any home decor.
  • Easy to setup. Simply scan the QR code on the Terra thermostat using the MyHeating app and it will automatically connect to your WiFi network.
  • Automatic control of your heating. SmartGeo learns your routines and location through background communication with your smartphone and lowers temperatures when you are away, only rising them up to your ideal comfort temperature in time for your arrival home saving you money and energy.
  • Reduce energy use by up to 25% with energy efficient MyHeating app technology.
  • Weather based Early Start. Turns the heating on at just the right time to be warm when you scheduled - no overheating or wasted energy. Takes into account the weather forecast for warmth just when you wanted, even on cold days and no wasted energy overheating on warm days.
  • Energy Monitoring; Energy + cost graphs on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • 12 Year warranty when installed with a Warmup heater.

Warranty 12 years when installed together with a Warmup heating system (3 years with other systems)

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