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Warmup RFT Programmable Thermostat - RFT White



Warmup RFT Programmable Thermostat - RFT White

The RFT is a basic programmable thermostat with an attractive touch screen display. The unit has a 15 amp switching capacity for 120V or 240V systems.

Compatibility - Suitable with all Warmup electric underfloor heating systems

Technical Specifications

  • Scren - 4” Capacitive Touch Glass
  • Voltage - 85-265Vac 50/60Hz
  • Current - Max 15A (resistive load)
  • GFCI - Class A (5 mA trip level)
  • Set temp - 5-40• C / 41-104• F
  • Display temp - 5-45• C / 41-113• F
  • Floor limit temp - 5-45• C / 41-113• F
  • Peak voltage - 2500V(impulse)
  • Sensor - NTV (10KΩ-B3950) 10 ft
  • Connection - Pigtail
  • Accreditation - ETL (tested to updated UL specifications)
  • Er-P Class - IV
  • 3-year warranty
  • Weekly Schedule - 7 days/5+1+1 four event


• Easy control with dial and sliders
• Compatibility: suitable with all Warmup electric underfloor heating systems.
• Clear screen displaying program details: the Tempo’s Proportional Adaptive Function learns the time it takes to warm the room and activates the heating early so it is up to the right temperature when needed.
• Simplicity: the Tempo enables you to choose the time as easily as you would with a watch or clock and quickly set heating programs.
• Stylish and contemporary design
• Proportional Adaptive Learning

Suitable with all Warmup underfloor heating systems, the RFT thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your underfloor heating system, to bring comfort, warmth and luxury to your home.

The Tempo was designed with simple features and accessible interface. Not unlike the original iPods, you dial and click to select the periods and temperature. The Tempo provides all the efficient programming features you require, at a very competitive price.

Easy to use and fully compatible with Warmup’s electric floor heating systems

WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE - When installed according to the installation manual, the RFT thermostat is covered with Warmup’s 3-year manufacturer warranty. The system requires no maintenance. All Warmup controls are protected by Warmup’s SafetyNET Guarantee.

LIMITATIONS - The RTF is not a transformer. It must be powered accordingly to the load it will switch and operate.

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