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Warmup Metal Fixing Band - 83ft



Warmup Metal Fixing Band - 83ft

Installation of Loose Cables

spacers to be used with loose wire snowmelt cable

While the WARMUP WSMM mats come in pre-formed rolls with the cable pre spaced at 3” for an optimum 50 watts/sqft output, the WSMC cables allow for custom spacing and installation on steps.

There are 2 methods to secure the cable:
• Attached to re-bar mesh or similar
• Secured to WARMUP CLIP system

When a reinforcement mesh like re-bar is used, apply the cables to the grid using zip ties. Do not use metal clamps or specific drills using metal wire twists. When spacing the cables, use the provided chart in this manual to define the total square foot output based on a 3”, 4” or 5” spacing. Do not space the cables closer than 3” or wider than 5”.

Another method to secure the cable and maintain consistent spacing is with the use of the WARMUP CLIP system. The clips come in strips of 3ft and provide adequate grooves to snap the cable. The clips can simply be laid down on the base (crushed gravel, sand, concrete) and if necessary, can be secured with hot glue or liquid nails. It is our experience that the weight of the cable tends to hold the clips down, although it is safer to secure the outer clips to prevent the system from shifting around when pouring concrete or laying pavers. Use the clips at both ends of the installation, and about every 3 to 5ft in between to ensure the cable is consistently spaced.

WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE When installed according to the installation manual, the SIT-6E is covered with Warmup’s 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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