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Warmup GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensors and an APS-3C Control Panel



Warmup GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensors and an APS-3C Control Panel

An automatic control system for gutters and downspouts, employs one or more GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensors and an APS-3C Control Panel.

Heaters operate only if moisture occurs at temperatures below 38°F(3.3°C), thus saving energy and ensuring reliable ice melting.

Since the GIT-1 mounts in gutters and downspouts it senses actual environmental conditions. This improves sensing accuracy. Solid state moisture and temperature sensors provide the sensitivity required for effective automatic control. Ice bridging occurs if incomplete melting occurs near the heater or sensor leaving an air space.

The air insulates thus preventing effective heater and sensor operation. The GIT-1’s unique microcontroller design frees its moisture sensor from ice bridging.

Additional features prevent heater operation under conditions favorable to heater ice tunneling. Low Voltage operation simplifies installation. Sensors can be located up to 2,000’ (609.6m) away form the control panel.


  • Minimum snow melting costs
  • No supervision required
  • Simple installation


Area of Use - Gutters
Heater hold-on timer - None
Activation Temperature - 38˚F (3.37˚C)
Circuit type - NEC Class 2
Supply voltage - 24 VAC (Supplied by panel)
Bus-wire type - 3-wire jacketed cable
Lead Length - Up to 2,000’ (609m) using 12 AWG 3-wire jacketed cable Up to 500’ (152m) using 18 AWG 3-wire jacketed cable
Operating temperature - −40°F to 160°F - (−40°C to 71°C)
Storage temperature - −50°F to 180°F (−45°C to 82°C)


For the installation, choose an unobstructed, elevated location exposed to snowfall.

Gutters: Position sensor within 1/4" (6.4mm) of gutter bottom with moisture sensing grid facing downstream (ambient air temperature sensor facing up stream). Sensor may be fastened to the fascia using the mounting clamps and gasketed screws (not furnished).

Downspouts: Fold cable back parallel to sensor body and secure with mounting clamps. Suspend sensor in downspout with moisture sensing grid facing up (ambient air temperature sensor facing down).

WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE When installed according to the installation manual, the SIT-6E is covered with Warmup’s 1-year manufacturer warranty.

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