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Warmup Automatic Roof De-Icing Cable Control WRS-2

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Warmup Automatic Roof De-Icing Cable Control WRS-2

Moisture & Temperature Controller for Warmup WRGH Roof & Gutter De-icing Kits

The WRS-2 is essentially a power cord with a sensor built-in and is specifically intended for use with WRGH constant wattage kits. This is a budget add-on to automate WRGH installations and only operates when needed by turning the system on when temperatures drop below 40°F.

This product has been designed and manufactured for the sole intended use of controlling roof de-icing cables. The sole intended use of a roof de-icing cable is to help prevent ice dams from forming on inclined roofs, in gutters and downspouts. Improper installation, use, operation and/or maintenance of electrical roof de-icing cables can cause fire, electrical shock and/or allow ice dams to form.

Lengthen the life of your system by only powering it up when needed. Let Warmup Snow and Ice Electric Cable controls and sensors do the work for you.


  • Operating voltage - 120V
  • Output rating - 5W/ft
  • Cold Tail length - 6ft 18/3 cold lead with plug
  • Approvals - ETL, CSA

WARRANTY 1 Year warranty.

Warmup Roof De-icing Spec and Instructions WRS-2


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