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Victorian Metal Mosaic with Touch of Copper



Victorian Mosaic Metal with touch of Glass and Copper

1" x 1" squares on 12" x 12" sheet

The possibilities are endless with Victorian Metals Tiles!

Victorian Metals aluminum is 98% post-consumer recycled aluminum

Recommended Usage

Victorian Metals may be installed on interior residential or commercial wall areas, in wet or dry locations, such as a shower wall, kitchen, or vanity backsplash. It may be installed vertically in exterior frost-free areas. It is not recommended for counter tops or floors. It can be used for steam showers however it is not recommended for submerged areas.


The metals are 100% aluminum. The aluminum copper and bronze colors are produced by a staining process. Each piece of metal has an ‘etched’ surface finish and depending on the color, the etching is more prominent on certain colors than others. For example, the etching is more noticeable on the lighter colored metals than the darker. Within the aluminum mosaic blend, there are random inserts of 1x1 glass mosaics. The glass mosaic edges are capped with bronze polished framed pieces to add a unique and contemporary look to the Victoria Metals. The bronze pieces are produced by an anodizing process. During installation, excess grout between the metal caps and glass pieces can be removed with either a soft toothbrush or toothpick.

The Victoria Metals are 8mm thick. Each piece has a recessed backing and therefore is considerably lighter in weight as oppose to most other metal mosaics that we offers.

These metal colors will be installed randomly on the sheet from the factory which adds to the character of the product.

Care & Maintenance

Regular cleaning with a neutral tile cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge is recommended. Use cleaning products that don’t leave a residue behind. Rinse with a soft wet cloth. Buff dry with a soft cloth. Do not use acids or cleaners containing acids, oils, corrosive chemicals, or abrasive cleaners.

Metal Tiles Specifications and Care

Colors may vary from picture, Product may have chips, pitting and other characteristics, Pictures are only an indication of color, texture and finish


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