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Ultimate Grout Floor Cleaner Quart



Ultimate Grout Floor Cleaner 1 Quart Spray

Removes Dirt, Grease & Grime From All Types of Grout

Exceptional grout and tile cleaner - in convenient ready-to-use spray! Removes embedded soil! New, innovative, labor-saving grout and tile cleaner for grease, dirt, oil and soap scum. Actually removes soil that other cleaners leave behind! Deep penetrating. Fast acting. Non-abrasive.

Safe for both white and colored grout. Will not harm grout or thin-set. Can be used to clean even the dirtiest grout without creating acid damage. Quick and easy to use. Acid free - no neutralizing needed!

  • Deep Penetrating, Fast Acting & Non Abrasive
  • Come Ready to use
  • Acid free - No Neutralization Needed
  • Will not Harm Grout or Thin Set
  • Quick Easy to Use
  • Safe for both White and Colored Grout
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