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Tile & Grout Care kit



Tile & Grout Care Kit

For Tile, Grout and more

Kit includes; 1. Grout Sealer 1. Ultimate Grout Cleaner 1. Marble & Tile Cleaner concentrate.

Each bottle is 3 Fluid Ounces

Marble & Tile Cleaner Concentrate

Black Diamond Stoneworks’ Marble & Tile Cleaner Contains special cleaning agents that lift dirt from pores of the stone without damaging the surface or diminishing natural color.

The 100% biodegradable formula is safe for natural stone and tile surfaces and is gentle enough to be use everyday.

This cleaner is easy to use and there is no rinsing necessary.

Ultimate Grout Cleaner

Black Diamond Stoneworks’ Ultimate Grout Cleaner is an innovative, labor saving grout and tile cleaner for grease. Dirt, oil and soap scum.

Why go through the expensive and inconvenient process of having your grout professionally redone when you can make it look like new again? Ultimate Grout Cleaner is quick and easy to use., Acid-free. And will work on all types of white and colored grout.

The deep penetrating formula effectively cleans grout with out damaging the grout or thin set.

Ultimate Grout Cleaner comes Ready-To-Use or in concentrated form.

Ultimate Grout Sealer

Black Diamond Stoneworks’ Ultimate Grout Sealer penetrates deeply and then bonds with grout providing a long lasting, invisible barrier that makes cleaning easier, One of the most difficult and messy things for homeowner to replace is interior and exterior grout work.

Since the Sealer actually bonds to the grout, it is able repel water, food, grease, mold, mildew and more keeping grout looking new! It is colorless and protects the natural color of grout against stains, Ultimate Grout Sealer contains no harmful solvents. Is non-combustible, and is VOC compliant making it safe and perfect for use on every type of grout.

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