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Tavy Tile Puck Marble Level and Lippage Detector

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Tavy Tile Puck Marble Level and Lippage Detector

The Best Tool for Setting Perfectly Flat Tiles

Don't trust Luck use the Puck because the next day you’re out of luck

  • Best tool for setting a flat tiled surface
  • Eliminate "toe-kickers" high spots
  • Level tile perfectly with one simple glance

Lippage Detector: When you are setting tile or stone, the worst time to find out you have a high spot is after you are done. Slide the TAVY Tile Puck across every installation and listen for the clicks. Each time you hear a click take the time to beat down that high spot and get rid of that toe-kicker.

Marble Level: How many times have you bent over and put your face next to a piece of marble to check your torpedo level? Probably too many to count... now you can use the TAVY Tile Puck to level your stone without bending over. Get an instant reading in all directions at the same time.

The TAVY Tile Puck is great for setting tile, If you want to instantly know if your tiles are level and if you have a toe kicker…this is your tool. The TAVY Tile Puck is easy to use and will eliminate the need for any other level.

The TAVY TILE PUCK can be also be used for any number of leveling applications: appliances, machines, shower seats, curbs, counter tops, kitchen appliances, cabinetry, drains, shelves and countless other leveling applications.

Directions for Lippage Detecting:
Slide the TAVY TILE PUCK back and forth on walls or floors from tile to tile or slab to slab and listen for clicking to detect lippage.

Directions for Leveling:
Place the TAVY TILE PUCK on any portion of any flat surface to get an instant reading in all directions at one time.

Helpful Hints:
Gently spinning the TAVY TILE PUCK when using it will help keep the edges sharp.

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