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Stone Polishing Cheetah Rectangular Strip Kit



Eco Friendly Stone Polishing Cheetah Rectangular Strip

Kit Include: Step 1 - 2  Aggressive Grit, Step 2 - 2 Moderate Grit, Step 3 - 2 Light Grit, Step 4 - 2 Finishing Grit, Step 5 - 1 Ultra Shine 11000 Grit (rubber spacer not include)

1/8" Long Strip (use minimum two strips per step while operating your machine)

For use on Rectangular Oscillating Floor Machines with Velcro Rubber Spacer

Size 18" long, 1 3/4" wide and over 3/8" thick.

Floor Machines Rectangular - 12" x 18"

Step 1 replaces traditional resin bond 50, 100, 200, 400

Step 2 replaces 200, 400, 800

Step 3 replaces 800, 1500, 3000

Step 4 replaces 3000, 8500 and polishes beyond 10,000 grit

Final polishing and regular maintenance polishing is done with 11,000 grit Monkey Pad.

The reasons we use a Black Rubber Spacer are as follows.

Most people use a red pad as a spacer, the red pads wear out quickly which causes the strips to cut far better at the beginning of the job than at the end. With the rubber spacer you save alot of money on red pads and get uniform cutting.

Be sure to rinse the strips and spacer between steps.

If the machine has short spikes instead of Velcro, remove the spikes and replace them with industrial hook Velcro to attach the rubber spacer.

The Fastest Stone Restoration System On The Planet!!!

Polish like a pro Better than factory finish in less time, every time

Cheetah Pads are incredible new stone restoration pads for Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Terrazzo, and other natural stone floors and surfaces. A quantum leap forward in diamond pads technology Cheetah Pads make high quality stone restoration faster, less expensive and more profitable.

Diamond Pads That Perform Stone Restoration in Half The Time

  • Super Thick 10 mm Segments for long strip life
  • Very cost effective save as much as 55% compared to other strips
  • Very easy To Use
  • Cut labor by 50%
  • As much as 75% lower cost
  • ½ the steps compared to other strip system
  • Work well on any floor buffer, orbital or planetary machine
  • No heavy duty equipment required
  • Extremely fast cutting
  • No chemicals used, only water
  • No acidic components
  • Extreme concentration of micro abrasives
  • Works incredibly well on ALL Marbles, Travertine, Limestone, Terrazzo and Polished Concrete
  • Chemical free Diamond pads are an Eco Friendly way to achieve a dull hone on Travertine, Marble, or Limestone Floors, countertops or walls.
  • Use on floors walls or countertops with little to no lippage (uneven tiles).
  • Pads remove wear and provide a variety of appearance levels from dull hone (no shine) to highly polished.
  • Safe on all stones and tile, will not damage any stone
  • Professional strength formula.

Faster – Less Steps – Better Finish – No polishing Compounds

Environmentally Friendly

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Made in the U.S.A

Eco friendly Instruction for polishing Granite and Marble - Video


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