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SiriPro 68 20068 pushing system 26 with Soft Case



SiriPro 68 20068 pushing system 26 with Soft Case

Professional tile cutter for ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Linear cut 26 cm 68 - Diagonal cut 18 x 18 cm 48 X 48 - Thickness 25 cm 2 - Wheel d. 22 mm 7/8 with rod

Die-cast aluminium structure ensure sturdiness, reduced weight and extended life - Spring surface help tile detachment - Aluminium handle with special inner insert and scratch-proof protection - Handle designed for 0 to 2 cm cutting thickness - Square can be oriented on either side, with scale for angles from -45 to +45, bar with inches and scale dor diagonal measurement - Square is pivoted on the cutting line to ensure accurate linear and diagonal cuts - Fitted with scratch-proof anti-slip rubber feet and side fold way supports for big tiles. On demand square extension and transport case.


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